Black and White Stripes.

I picked up this dress in Lucca, Italy and it has been one of my favorite purchases of the year. Normally, I don’t pair brown and black but I do like caramel colors with black so this is how I chose to wear it.


BW2(Purse from Aldo)

BW3(Boots from Steve Madden)



These colors work for all seasons, if it’s Winter just add on a pair of tights or leggings.

Pedal Power.

imageAs you saw in this post, Chelsea and I really enjoyed the town of Lucca in Italy.  It was the smallest piece of perfect located inside the city walls.  It was also unbelievably awesome that we could ride around the entire wall on bikes.  I love riding bikes and in Europe it is so much easier and safer to ride around cities.

image(Resting on the wall)


My preferred transportation is bike (or obviously horse if that were possible :D) so it was great to be able to rent bikes and cruise around.  The path was also canopied by tall, beautiful trees that left splattered shadows.  Lucca was very quaint and had a few incredibly unique stores that we discovered.  There is also a very large market that consumes the outside streets of the city.  It’s definitely a wonderful day trip destination.

Lucca- Italia.

There is no question that Italy is grand and beautiful, but I fell in love with a tiny town called Lucca. We rented bikes and rode circles around the wall bordering the city.

Lucca, Italy(The wall of he city is topped in grass)

Grass(Even the weeds were pretty!)

Lucca, Italy(I loved the colors of the buildings)

Lucca, Italy(This was one of my favorite statues that I had ever seen)

Lucca, Italy(We parked our bikes and walked around a bit)

Lucca, Italy(Every city had a watchtower)

Lucca, Italy(Brittany and I snapped photos, I loved the wall)

Lucca, Italy(Miles and miles of wall)

I love cruising around any city that I am in, it’s a fun way to see it all. SF is not the safest place to ride around so it was nice and refreshing to be somewhere less rushed and more laid back.

Friday’s fun quote it brought to you by Sara:

“You have the Ora of a tall person”

Biking Day Dream.

While in Lucca, I was able to ride around the wall surrounding the village. It was very beautiful and the weather was perfect. I insisted on wearing a skirt and in the past, that has ended with me being blinded because my skirt has flown up over my head and obscured my vision. Since that fateful Golden Gate Bridge bike ride I have learned to wear a much longer skirt, one I can tuck under my legs. It’s fashionable and suitable for me to be around families. Win-win.

Lucca Bike Ride(Make sure you have a sick ride with a loud bell, it’s super hip and keeps you safe while you’re ridin’ the open road)


(My skirt went just below my knees, it kept me cool and felt retro)

bike Riding(Close up of that sweet bike bell and this cute bracelet I got in a church in Sienna)

Bike riding(For leisurely rides it’s okay to wear sandals, especially if they have straps. I grabbed these cuties at Target right before my trip. They are super comfortable)

Bike riding(This skirt is an oldie but a goodie from Anthropologie)

One of my favorite Summer activities is bike cruising. I like to feel the warm breeze on my skin as I pass by the blossoming flowers. Maybe pack a picnic and cruise on down to your local park next weekend, I couldn’t think of a better or more relaxing thing to do.