Sunshine Maxi


May in the bay brings sun rays and we make every attempt to soak them up!


(a strapless maxi helps minimize tan lines)


(Make sure to protect your eyes with sunnies and your skin with sunscreen)


(Reading can be exhausting so make some time to yourself to relax)


We are enjoying getting the chance to wear skirts and dresses as much as we can. It’s a nice luxury for us especially when San Francisco is always so cold. We are taking advantage of every second!

California Dreamin’

On a beautiful afternoon in the Bay Area, the best thing to do is eat berries, read a magazine, and lay out on the lawn. Why not do it in style?

F21 dress

(Maxi dresses are the easiest things to wear when the sun is out!)

IMG_8828(Make sure you have your Gucci sunnies on and lots of jewels, we’re in California after all!)

Nylon Magazine

(Brittany and I both love Nylon magazine, it’s got a lot of fashion tips we would never think of)

IMG_8833(The best naps are under the sun)


The weather has been really warm lately and we are definitely trying to soak it up because it will be Winter before you know it!