I’ll Be Your Man.

I know we have covered this before but androgyny is really in right now. Asking the question, “is that a dude or a chick?” means the person in question is quite fashionable! You probably already have all of the tools to pull off a great menswear look…especially if you are a man. Let’s take a closer look.

(Aviators are a must, they are masculine and make you look really badass)

(A rose metal watch is the ultimate menswear accessory. Boyfriend jeans are cute, the rolled up bottoms give the illusion of length on pretty much everyone. I got these pants by Insight at an SF store called Cary Lane. They sell sample sale products and are making great button up shirts (seen above) for men in slim fit which look great on girls too!)

(Roll your jeans up at the bottom, this is a must to pull of the look)

(The look is easy and carefree, much like a good man)

She Said What?! Part 1


Mystery Man X is often kept up at night with questions about women. You see, the female population is like an intricate puzzle that he just doesn’t have all of the pieces to.

Mystery Man X:  What does it mean when a woman says, “Don’t worry about it, it’s fine“?  Is it OK to move on from the subject?

Our Response:  HELL NO!  Backpedal faster than you ever have before and even that may not be fast enough. You must have done something stupid like throw away her last stash of cookies or planned a date for the two of you which really turned into him buying a car for four hours (not a joke- this happened to me).  Push the subject further, but tread lightly because that water is infested with hungry ass sharks.

How to make your bad deed right?  Chocolate.  Kisses.  Flowers.  Puppies.