Dude Looks Like a Lady

You know, I always thought guys had it easier when I was younger because they didn’t have to care about what they wore.  With women, it’s “is this skirt long enough?” “are these shoes comfortable?” “will this shirt get lint all over the rest of my outfit?”  Now we have found a way to mend the two.  Men’s clothing is so comfortable and can be extremely cute too.

(What, is it hard to start the fire pit?)

(Boyfriend style watch (from SF’s Jest Jewels) and Ben Sherman men’s shirt)

(Aviators really add a little sass to the outfit and we all know I loveeee sass)

(My favorite Steve Madden Booties.  They have the best shoes)

(I love this belt.  I got it from the clearance section at Urban Outfitters.  I recommend going to this section in the store instead of buying online because you don’t always know how things are going to fit)

This was a fun and comfortable outfit to put together and those are two things that are great assets to a confident day.  Don’t have a boyfriend to borrow their clothes?  Don’t worry, me either – I have Chelsea steal the shirts for me 🙂