Look How it Shines for You


The biggest news in San Francisco as of lately has been the lighting ceremony that took place on Tuesday night on the Bay Bridge.  This holds a special place in my heart because this is the bridge I drive across all the time and I think it’s extremely beautiful.  They have been testing the lights all week and in the beautiful weather we have had, the bridge was nothing less than magnificent.  It’s currently the world’s largest LED structure with 25,000 LED lights individually programmed by Leo Villareal.  For two years these beautiful, luminous lights will shine for you.  Don’t miss out on a huge part of history right here in our own city.


IMG_7585(Isn’t it beautiful??  This is before the light ceremony.  These are the standard lights)

IMG_7591(Right when the lights started, the rain began to pour down)

IMG_7594(The lights moved in all different patterns)

IMG_7598(It’s interesting and smart that all the lights on facing outward so that drivers cannot see any of the lights from the driving span.  I could see this being very distracting if drivers could see the lighting)



IMG_7606(Shannon invited me to come to her company’s roof top for the viewing and it was spectacular and breathtaking)

IMG_7615(The rain was creating these awesome huge bokeh dots)



This is such a beautiful site to see and a cherry on top of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  If you work in the city, don’t forget to take the long way home sometimes.  In my case, this is what I see when I take the long way and it’s the best way to end my day.  Enjoy!

DDIY: (Don’t) Do It Yourself

DIY Haircut

You ever get so bored that your mind starts wandering and you think to yourself, “maybe I need to switch up my look. Right now!” Yeah, I had one of those moments this past week and decided that I needed to drop everything and cut my bangs that very minute. Britt grabbed her camera and we quickly scurried into the bathroom where I took immediate action.

Holding Bangs(I decided to measure my hair and see where I wanted my bangs to begin)

First Cut Is the Deepest(The first cut is the deepest- there is no turning back now!)

Laughing Cut(I was laughing because I knew I shouldn’t be doing this)

It's done!(I fully committed to the cut, that was at least 5 inches!)

Done(In the end, it is jagged but has a lot of “character”)

Maybe haircutting is not a true “Do It Yourself” activity and should be left to someone with real training. Even though I am happy with the cut- if you’re a crier, I wouldn’t attempt this at home!