California Coastal Breeze

Montana de oro
This Sunday I went on a walk along the bluffs with my boyfriend and his family at Montana de Oro. It was a beautiful day, here are some photos from that adventure!



purple wildflowers

montana de oroWildflowers are starting to blossom everywhere you turn; combine that with the beach and you have a beautiful view!

Perils of a Penny Pincher. Part 2

Hiking is pretty much the best cheap activity there is because it is free, good for you, and once you get to the top you feel really impressed with yourself. This trail is called Valencia Peak and it is in Montana de Oro near San Luis Obispo.

(I had to take a photo of this beautiful bird because all of the blues in my focal point were overwhelming. And I know what you are thinking, 2 miles? It was uphill! And I am not a very good hiker so it was more like 22 miles if we are being technical!)

(This is how hiking with Nick goes. He is always a few dozen feet in front of me while I am taking pictures and catching my breath but I like it; we decided he is more like a boyfriend slash personal-trainer-I-never-signed-up-for. This is also a picture from just halfway up. SPOILER ALERT: I made it to the top)

(The side of the mountain was made of this rocky sandstone type material that I was obsessed with. I wish I had taken buckets of it home and made some weird project with it, it was light weight and beautiful)

(Here is Nick at the very top! Aside from him always leading the way and bringing me to new places, he also carries all of my trinkets. And he never complains. He is kind of extremely awesome. You all should find a tour guide like mine!)

(This is the view I was promised. I said I wanted to take pictures of the ocean and he gave me the entire mountain too. You can’t buy experiences like these, some of the best things in life are definitely free)