Oh the Treasures you can find on the Island by the City

Treasure Island really is a beautiful place with amazing views of the San Francisco skyline that we love so much.  I was offered the chance to shoot some photos and video at the annual Treasure Island Music Festival for B-Sides TV on Sunday (it’s a two day event).  There were so many bands that really surprised me with beautiful sounds and peaceful performances which made for a nice Sunday.  It’s always nice getting to shoot photos at a day festival because the lighting is great and everyone is in good spirits.

(Not only was there great music but also beautiful art displays)

(These larger than life mirrored eggs were awesome!)

(One of my personal favorites of the day)

(I loved her style.  This band is a brother/sister duo that had the entire crowd moving)

(With alternating stages, no act played at the same time as another and things transitioned really well back and forth)

(Ty Segall has an awesome hair flip)

(Joanna Newsom was definitely a crowd favorite.  She slowed things down with her harp and piano)

(The crowd really started to build up)

(This was a cute vendor)

(Los Campesinos! had a large following of fans and a large amount of band members!)

(The views never disappointed)

(You can see one of the two main the stages to the right and the infamous Ferris Wheel)

(This was my first festival Ferris Wheel and we couldn’t have picked a better time with the sun dropping behind the city.  It was beautiful)

(The Golden Gate Bridge was glowing)

(An overhead Ferris Wheel shot of the two main stages)

(That beautiful San Francisco skyline)

(M83 were amazing as always.  They are so wonderful live, I recommend them to everyone)

(They were so grateful to be playing the Treasure Island music festival and they gave us an amazing show)

(Gossip was the second to last act and this girl has got a voice.)

(Closing out the entire festival was the XX.  I didn’t know how I would like them but they sounded phenomenal.  Really, really great sounding)

This is an annual festival that happens on Treasure Island which I love because it’s smaller than Coachella and the stages are easily accessible.  Also, you can buy separate day passes so you don’t have to attend all weekend if you don’t want to.  It’s a great festival to bring your friends to and just enjoy the music while soaking in the beautiful city scape.