When Fashion Fails You.

I feel like people and designers have really been upping the ante lately, especially when it comes to everyday fashion. I’m not sure where I first saw these boots below but they essentially gave me the idea for this post. It sparked a thought, ‘was there ever a time that I have seen an article of clothing or accessory that I had to have regardless of the fact that it was virtually unwearable’? And the answer was YES! I have MULTIPLE pairs of heels that I have never worn, simply because I can’t walk in them. It has been absolutely impossible for me to walk ten feet in any direction and I didn’t even factor that in when making my purchase. What came over me? From this day forward I am making a conscious decision to never purchase anything that could potentially break my ankles, stab me in the face, or make it impossible to operate a vehicle. Please join me in this movement.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 7.57.54 PM(Ok, Hunter. You’ve got me here. So, you’ve designed a high heeled rain boot to wear in the rain. Rain is usually wet, slippery, and harder to walk in then when it is dry. This seems crazy dangerous and all around uncomfortable. But let’s be real, you’ve probably sold a ton of these)

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 7.58.02 PM(Hello Kitty. Yes. Love. Sanrio fan for life. However, there is a limit. And while I feel that the limit has only been slightly  crossed here, that isn’t even the issue I have with these nails. Try typing, driving, riding a bike, or even tapping a number into your phone. Most of these things will end in tears. The only thing these nails will be good for is flipping the bird)

rodarte-fall-2013-barb-wire-earrings-necklace(Rodarte, you murderous genius. Truth be told, I find the mixed metals and general design of these pieces to be quite beautiful. But one accidental fall on a sidewalk and it’s straight on decapitation. Marie Antoinette, anyone?)

Maybe we should stick to our converse sneaks and stay safe this weekend!

At Home Mani

DSC_1866My friend Meris got me these tiny little brushes used for painting details on your nails about a year ago. I never knew what to paint but lately, I have been drawn to wallpaper and prints with giant oversized flowers; I guess you can say I have been inspired. Here’s what I did and it honestly couldn’t be easier!

DSC_1853(Paint your nails one solid color, it can be dark or light)

DSC_1856(Take the colors that you would like to use for petals and leaves and drop a bit on each on a piece of paper. I added some sparkle for flair and got my tiny brush handy)

DSC_1857(Take the lightest color and paint the petals)

DSC_1858(Use the lightest green to paint the leaves)

DSC_1859(Add dark green to add depth to the leaves)

DSC_1860(Add the darker pinks to fill in the petals)

DSC_1864(I added some gold glitter to wherever I wanted and sealed it all with a clear coat of polish)

I know this seems like a lot of work, but I love looking down at my hands and having one fun nail! Let us know if you try it out and send us pictures at iflunch@gmail.com!

Nailed It.

Weekend CasualI came up with this geometric nail when I tried painting a half moon shape but found a triangle much easier! Here’s how you do it!

Nailed It(You will need: one light color, one dark color, and a top coat)

Nailed It(Paint your entire nail with the lighter color first- I chose sparkle, naturally)

Nailed It(Take your darker color, start from the bottom corner of your nail and paint a diagonal strip. Repeat from the other corner and then fill in the rest with color)

Nailed It(Finish with your top clear coat)

Nailed ItI love this design because it looks intricate but is actually really easy to do. Happy painting!

Nail Art – Sticker Edition

The new rage in nail art is stickers that can last up to 2 weeks on your nail. They are awesome because they don’t chip or damage your nail. I decided to give one a try after finding a sticker that I didn’t think was too loud.

loreal nail art(I began with a light shade of polish- OPI “Mod-ern” and L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Nail Lingerie stickers)

nail art(After painting my nail, I applied the sticker to the top and filed the edges off)

nail art(Voila! The end result is pretty nice. I definitely see sparkles in the sun!)


(Brittany gave these a try from Forever 21, they were only $1.80!)


(They look pretty good! And they have some tiny rhinestones in them to add texture)

All in all, we are digging the stickers! So far it has been 6 days and they have yet to chip or flake! That is more than I can say for some of the professional manicures I have gotten. Some don’t last more than 6 hours!

Why Nail Art Sucks.

Nail FailLately we have been inspired by cool trendy nail art and we thought to ourselves, “that looks easy and cute, let’s do it!” So we did. Well, that was just stupid. But anyway, come on! Let’s show you how to do the same nail art at home!!

(This isn’t ours, not even close. Just some of the inspiration we were building from)

(First Britt started with white nails and started to paint thin black strips as lashes on her nail)

(The end result was…interesting. But she wore them like this for a couple of days anyway)

(This happened. While we were painting our nails, this guy was break dancing in the courtyard area. He provided the relief we needed from a frustrating nail painting experience)

(I started with this pretty shimmery silver that I should have left alone. Instead I thought painting my nail golden sparkly with a black cat eye slit down the middle would be better)

(Then to top it off I put a silver line down the middle… The end result was horrific)

All in all, leave the nail art to the professionals although we don’t know who that is. Because really, you did this yourself…really?

(Oooh, but this is soooo cute and looks easy enough, we will have to try it!)