Color Matching.


I’ve been into purple hues lately when it comes to nail polishes and lipsticks.  Since I tend to wear simple colors, this helps me add some pop.  It can be hard to get the right tones for your complexion but once you find the right match, you can rock the color combo through all seasons.


{{ lipstick – MAC’s Up The Amp  – Nail polish – OPI’s Lost My Bikini in Molikini }}

Nailed It.

Weekend CasualI came up with this geometric nail when I tried painting a half moon shape but found a triangle much easier! Here’s how you do it!

Nailed It(You will need: one light color, one dark color, and a top coat)

Nailed It(Paint your entire nail with the lighter color first- I chose sparkle, naturally)

Nailed It(Take your darker color, start from the bottom corner of your nail and paint a diagonal strip. Repeat from the other corner and then fill in the rest with color)

Nailed It(Finish with your top clear coat)

Nailed ItI love this design because it looks intricate but is actually really easy to do. Happy painting!

A Color for All Moods.

As I added a new color to my ever growing nail polish collection, I realized that I always choose my color based on how I am feeling. I paint my nails at least twice a week, it’s become a sickness. I love switching it up and finding colors that look good on my skin. Here’s a look at the colors I use regularly (36 to be exact).

Classic Red Nail Polish(You can’t go wrong with a red or pink, so if I am feeling classic these are my go-tos)

Black and Blue Nail Polish(Usually in winter, my go to color is super dark. I used to only wear dark polish in school, it looks best on my pale skin)

Mint colored nail polish(Lately I have been trying mint and green colors, I love the way it looks with my clothing)

Sparkly nail polish(Sparkly nail polish is hard to pull off so I try to use it as an accent with a basic color)

Dark nail polish(These colors look good all year round. I absolutely love the vampy color)

romantic nail colors(When I just can’t choose, you can’t go wrong with subtle nudes or coral. They look great on all skin colors)

As you can see, I am not partial to any one brand of nail polish. If the color is nice, I buy it. You can actually get some pretty decent nail lacquers for $2.80 at Forever 21. You don’t need to break the bank on this accessory which is probably why I switch my colors out so often. I just love them all!

Why Nail Art Sucks.

Nail FailLately we have been inspired by cool trendy nail art and we thought to ourselves, “that looks easy and cute, let’s do it!” So we did. Well, that was just stupid. But anyway, come on! Let’s show you how to do the same nail art at home!!

(This isn’t ours, not even close. Just some of the inspiration we were building from)

(First Britt started with white nails and started to paint thin black strips as lashes on her nail)

(The end result was…interesting. But she wore them like this for a couple of days anyway)

(This happened. While we were painting our nails, this guy was break dancing in the courtyard area. He provided the relief we needed from a frustrating nail painting experience)

(I started with this pretty shimmery silver that I should have left alone. Instead I thought painting my nail golden sparkly with a black cat eye slit down the middle would be better)

(Then to top it off I put a silver line down the middle… The end result was horrific)

All in all, leave the nail art to the professionals although we don’t know who that is. Because really, you did this yourself…really?

(Oooh, but this is soooo cute and looks easy enough, we will have to try it!)