Goodbye Fall, It’s Been Nice.


This weekend we walked through downtown Petaluma and you could have sworn we were in Boston by the color of the trees. I had to stop and take pictures of these gorgeous maples turning from green to red.




Lastly, these gorgeous yellow leaves against the brilliant blue sky.


It was a beautiful day for primary colors! Now the trees will be leafless and the rain will come, I do love that too!

Spring Has Sprung.

IMG_7771I can’t even pretend that Spring has not got me sprung.  The taste of the warm weather has never felt better.  I love winter but when the warm weather sneaks up on you, it’s nice to embrace it.  Along with the nice weather, brings the flowers that are starting to pop up everywhere.  The colors are brilliant and the sky tends to match.  Welcome Spring!








Now that Spring is here, it’s time to explore new territories and enjoy the fresh air.  Happy Spring everyone!

Mori Point Walk

This weekend was full of clear blue skies and my friend and I wanted to take advantage of that so we headed South about 10 minutes to a sleepy beach town called Pacifica. It is a popular spot for surfing and has the most amazing Taco Bell you will ever see, it literally sits on the beach and has a walk-up window for people with sandy feet! We didn’t eat there but we did take a nice walk up to the top of Mori Point to get a great view of the beach. I lived there for a few months and would often walk up on my own to sit and relax. Sometimes the sound of the waves can bring a lot of peace to your mind.

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Winter Walks

IMG_6774Since it hasn’t been too rainy, I’ve been trying to enjoy the outdoors on the weekends.  The trick to this is layering your clothing because naturally you will get warm from a hike but it’s not worth sucking up the cold at the beginning in just a long sleeve shirt.  Adding a warm beanie or ear covering fleece headband can help too.  I hit some East Bay trails this past weekend with my mom and we really enjoyed the colors and paths that the hiking trails had to offer.  The same trails can look different throughout all the seasons.

IMG_6799Blue skies




IMG_6775We had to go through a farm gate or two because some areas cows were roaming freely.




IMG_6796Mt. Diablo







It’s always nice to get exercise with fresh air.  I’d prefer working out outdoors over a gym any day.  I can’t wait for the nights when it’s light out longer and I can enjoy being outdoors after work.  There are a TON of trail heads throughout the bay area that are worthy of checking out.  You never know, there could be one right in your back yard!

There’s nothing like that crisp ocean breeze

photo 2

Alright, we all made it.  The new year is here and one of my resolutions is to be outside more.  I’m always trying to enjoy the outdoors but I’ve really realized there are many places I still haven’t seen in San Francisco and I need to work on finding them.   Since a few friends from LA were in town, Shannon and I decided we wanted them to see a few places we love.  I chose Twin Peaks and then Shannon wanted to show us the Sutro Baths which I have never seen before and I can’t believe it.  They are SO beautiful!  They lie right next to the famous Ocean Beach and can be easily accessed from Hwy1.

photo 1(The baths are connected to hiking trails that wind through and hug the CA coast)

photo 5(The sectioned off baths are so still and beautiful)

photo 3

photo 4(Unfortunately, someone had tagged the beautiful ruins)

photo 3 (1)(They have this beautiful cave you can walk through and hear the roar of the ocean crashing into the cliff below and beside you)

photo 2 (1)(Me and Shannon exploring on the concrete balance beams)

photo 1 (2)

photo 3 (2)

photo 4 (2)

photo 2 (2)(Airplanes were flying so close to the coast just soaking up the sights because the day couldn’t have been any more beautiful)

photo 1 (1)(Even the coast guard was hovering close by)

photo 5 (1)

photo 4 (1)And last but not least, our dear friend Sarah who was visiting from LA shared this with us.  I love it and I find it inspiring to read each morning.  Have a great weekend!

After Every Good Rain, Comes the Sun

IMG_6541While Chelsea is in Paris, I’ve taken it upon myself to do whatever the hell I want on here.  Which really only means one thing.  Adding many more photos :).  I woke up Christmas Eve morning to a sharp light that would catch every few minutes and sparkle into my bedroom window like a beautiful emerald siren.  This is when I realized the rain had stopped and I hopped out of bed throwing on some slippers and grabbed my camera.  One of my favorite times of day is the morning and especially a beautiful one after a good week of rain.  Everything was shimmering in the dearly missed sun blanket.

IMG_6554My succulents have come back to life!



















I’m a sucker for good scenery.  I find beauty in a lot of things so armed with my camera, I tend to see a lot of things that add a little more color to my day.  Christmas Eve was a beautiful day that I spent photo adventuring and catching up with close friends and my family.  These beautiful days aren’t expected but definitely a wonderful surprise when they sneak up on you.