Tahoe – IFB??

While lunch may be the most fitting time for an escape, there is also Breakfast (IFB = It’s Finally Breakfast) which can be just as important.  Me without coffee on some days is just not what anyone wants to be around…  So from time to time I will frequent the virtual space that is our blog with some of my favorite coffee shops from different destinations.  The first to grace these “pages” is the Tahoe House in the beautiful North Lake Tahoe.  Not only do they have amazing coffee but they also have sweet treats of all kinds.  Every time I head to Tahoe I make sure to pick up some goodies to bring home.

It’s located right near Tahoe City on HWY 89.

They have all sorts of treats.

My favorite besides the coffee of course is all of the baked goods.

Walking on a Dream.


Some days there is no rhyme or reason for the beautiful weather but when it’s upon you, there’s no reason not to indulge.  One day while Chelsea and I were in North Lake Tahoe, we came across a pond with reflections like no other.  The key to photographing these was to find a pool of water protected from the larger body of water.  This way the water was still enough to capture the reflections beautifully.






We took turns snapping photos of each other because every angle seemed to have a new appeal.  It’s very easy to create these reflection photos in the right settings.