Coastal Winter Myth.


Before I lived in San Francisco, I heard so many myths people tell about the city and believed them because I didn’t know myself.  Now that I live here, it’s funny how different I see a lot of these “urban myths” if you will.  One of the biggest myths is how freezing it is in the winter especially at the ocean.  I love spending time at Ocean Beach so I just prepared to bundle up during the winter.  However, it’s actually much less windy in the winter.  Not sure why that is but it can actually be incredible weather in the winter.  Last year I posted about one of the most perfect winter weather nights at Ocean Beach here.  Now that I know it wasn’t just a one time thing, I thought I’d share the secret : ).

Sunset is one of the busiest times at the beach but there’s no question why.  It’s incredible to watch the surfers at sunset as the sun slowly slides down the horizon.

A good friend recently cleared her closet and handed down a ton of her amazing past pieces to me.  One of them included this awesome floor length Ralph Lauren open back dress.

I love shooting photos.  I’ll zoom in from afar and shoot photos of the water.  Last year we saw tons of whales and dolphins so you just never know what you will see!

A surfer’s sunset.


Even though it’s warm, bring something to keep covered as the sun continues to disappear.  It does get a tad cold.

After the full moon came up and the sun went down, we headed home.  You have to look all around while at the beach because the views are stunning all the way around!

SF Yogi.

I’ve become addicted to yoga ever since joining the rock climbing gym a while back.  A friend got me into climbing and when I saw the gym had yoga for climbers I was excited to sign up.  It’s become part of my routine and I’m so thankful to have found such amazing classes!  Once I realized yoga and climbing were part of my weekly routine, I knew I needed to add some fun to my work out wardrobe.  A good friend of mine suggested Onzie yoga apparel and my awesome boyfriend got me a pair of their killer peacock yoga leggings for my bday.  I’m obsessed, they are definitely a good yoga pant and they have so many fun patterns!

Yoga has been so good for my mind and body.  Every new pose that comes into my practice that I wasn’t able to do before, reminds me that in time and with a lot of practice, you can achieve more.

Balance and strength are two of my favorite things to work on.

To all my fellow yogi’s, what are your favorite workout brands?!

Whale Sightings at Ocean Beach.


If you follow our blog, you know how much I love to be outside.  The weather has been incredibly warm this week in San Francisco.  We are talking above 70s which is not the norm.  I took full advantage of the time outside which included a walk on the beach after work on Tuesday evening.  As I was walking out to the waters edge, I started seeing spouts bursting straight into the air.  3 of them right among the surfers and there were the most surfers I’ve seen out there in a while.  What I saw next blew me away, a large pod of humpback whales breaching and frolicking amongst the surfers.  I’m sure it wasn’t as neat to be a surfer and have one of them surprise you next to your dangling feet but it seemed like an extra special sighting that I felt lucky to witness.



You can see one spout in the distance.

Two of them here popped up to watch the sunset.



It was truly unbelievable and I hope to see them again on my next beach walk.  There are places you can go in the bay area to whale watch and it looks like this weekend might be the time to do it!  Check out this company to leave right out of Pier 39 and maybe you’ll get luck enough to see these beautiful mammals navigate the seas.

Have a great weekend!

Bonfire Sessions.

Daylight savings time has been a goddess.  Trying to savor every minute of the daylight, we decided to enjoy by bonfire on Ocean Beach Friday evening.  It was the perfect choice for the night and besides perma smelling like smoke burned wood for the next few days, it was one of my favorite nights of the year so far 🙂

Getting the fire going before everyone else showed up.






Getting silly with the sun.


I would highly suggest it if you live in SF!

Ocean Beach Nights.

ocean beach 1

My boyfriend lives at the beach which is amazing because it feels like vacation whenever I go over there.  The other night, I had a day where I just felt like I needed to go run around after work so we took a camera and headed down to the beach.  We had so much fun shooting photos and playing around with long exposures.  The above is the best photo we got, however we tried many other photos. Here’s a few of our “masterpieces” 🙂

unnamed(Shark fins)

ocean beach heart
(Me trying to make a perfect heart)

ocean beach

ocean beach 2We had many different results but the fun part was just being outside and being silly.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Monday Recap: Trash the Dress!


Our beautiful friend, Francesca, was looking to “trash the dress” so I was excited at an entirely new photo challenge.  Trashing the Dress is a new thing that people do post wedding to really get unique photos they never got at their wedding or where they completely destroy the wedding dress they will never wear again (check out google image searches for “trash the dress”).  Usually at a wedding, the bride and groom are rushed on photos so they can get to their reception.  This was so much fun to venture around the city and shoot photos at some of the most scenic spots in San Francisco.  Francesca and her husband looked fantastic and we picked a beautiful day to take over the city.  Here’s a preview of some of the captures we got.

(Ocean Beach)

(Clarion Alley in the Mission)

(My favorite shot from the day)

They were so wonderful and inspiring to shoot!

Free Friday.


I’ve been training for a 10k to feed the hungry in SF which I can honestly say I never thought I’d be doing since I don’t love running.  When my co-workers mentioned it though and that our donations would help feed hungry children in San Francisco, I figured now was the time to run if ever.  Last night while on a good run along Ocean Beach, I felt very grateful.  I’m grateful for a lot and especially these indian summer evenings.  I can’t believe my training grounds at times.  To end my run, I decided to walk down to the water just to take some last deep breathes of the fresh, warm air.  This is when I came across the most beautiful site, a man draping bubbles across the skyline.




imageI couldn’t stop watching.  It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen.

imageJust floating.




Maybe Mr Bubbles will be back at Ocean Beach over the weekend.  If you’re from the area, it’s definitely worth trying to see.  Have a great weekend!

The San Francisco Treat.

imageSan Francisco, why you looking so good these days??  We’re not mad about it and we are especially excited that it’s Friday.  Everyone get outside and enjoy this Friday/weekend like it’s nobody’s business.


imageSan Francisco’s infamous fog has never looked so beautiful.


Have a great weekend!

September Skies.

IMG_4003Well San Francisco’s perfect months are finally upon us.  If you’re from the Bay Area you know that San Francisco always shines in September and October.  I’m taking full advantage of these gorgeous nights.  I went for a coastal walk after work the other day and the sights were just unbelievable.  You can start at Ocean Beach and head north through the Sutro Baths and continue on until you see views of the Golden Gate.




IMG_3925Sutro Baths.

IMG_3915Love it.

Even if you work during the day, it’s not too late afterwards to get outside.  You have to take advantage of these amazing months in the city.