Cabo Beautiful Blues.

Since I’d never been to Cabo, there was so much for me to take in.  I loved the options pool, hot tub, and ocean.  All of which I took full advantage of.  With views like this, how can you say no?!  Even just walking by made me want to jump in any body of water.  The blues are so enticing, it would have been extremely hard to not enjoy being waterfront in Cabo.

I ate tacos of the above kind for just about every meal.  We stayed at La Villa la Estancia which was not all inclusive but we had a full kitchen to cook as we pleased.

We went snorkeling although, jumping off the boat with more fun than fish watching because we didn’t see too many.

It was prime time whale season so we got quite the show by some humpback whales!

Hawaiian Skies 2014.


One of my favorite parts of the time I spend in Hawaii each year are the incredibly vibrant sunsets.  I love to sit on the beach and watch the colors change until they disappear.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of sunrises as well but the sunsets from this last week were just out of this world beautiful.


Sunset cruises drifting through the islands.

Pink clouds.

Through the palm trees.


I have tons and tons of Maui sunset photos but didn’t want to overload you.  If you find yourself in Hawaii ever, make sure to watch the sun set.

Maui in November.


For Thanksgiving, my family takes off to Hawaii each year to spend the holidays in an un-traditional way.  It’s a nice time to rest up and re-charge the batteries before we head into winter time.  Each year we try to see friends and family on the islands and also spend as much time as possible outdoors.  So far this week, with Amanda visiting from Oahu, we’ve spent lots of time in the ocean.  Amanda, Darrin, and I also spent a day cruising the road to Hana.  We didn’t go the entire way but we made some great stops.

Twin Falls.

Hawaii sunsets are the best.

Amanda and I were reunited after a year apart!

We made sure to do lots of ocean swimming.

Amanda in her tube.  We bought inter tubes and swam out to get rolled over by the waves.  It was hilarious!  Probably because the waves were very small 🙂


We decked ourselves out in Flash Tats.

Went on tons of long walks.


My attempt at tree pose for the first time all week.


The ocean blues, it doesn’t get any better.  I’m still on the island for the rest of the week with my family but I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving week.  It’s a time to be thankful for all the blessings in your life and to remind yourself to not take anything or anyone for granted.  Pay it forward this week at random times and be kind.  It’s not everyday we stop and really focus on things we are thankful for.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Hawaiian Skies.


Last week I got to spend time in Hawaii with family just soaking in the good weather and relaxing.  I love nothing more than a good sunset or sunrise and I made sure to park it right near the beach whenever the sun was on the horizon.




(Do you spy my mom in this one?  Very tiny up next to these palm tree giants)







Each day brought unique skies and tranquil days.  I can’t wait to share the rest of the photos this week!

Majestic Malibu.

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to Malibu for a beautiful wedding.  There was a group of us who rented a beach house and got the privilege of being able to sleep to the sound of crashing waves.



Malibu(Meris womanned the grill and cooked up some dinner on the deck)

Malibu(Our neighbors are lucky enough to live here full time)

Malibu(Our beautiful view)

We know how lucky we were to have rented the house for just the weekend, could you imagine living there? Oh, beautiful Malibu, I miss you already!


Spain Update.

IMG_3066OK, the most beautiful place I’ve ever encountered has hit my radar…  The Mediterranean rendered me speechless.  Spending the past week there was the absolute BEST way to end an almost 2 months in Europe.  The water, the weather, and the time spent their with my friend, Shannon, was priceless.  I thought I’d leave you with these photos while I work on organizing the rest of my photos from all over Europe.  I have so many places to share with you about great food, fun things to do, and of course fashion 🙂 

IMG_3027(Cala Pi, Mallorca)

Mori Point Walk

This weekend was full of clear blue skies and my friend and I wanted to take advantage of that so we headed South about 10 minutes to a sleepy beach town called Pacifica. It is a popular spot for surfing and has the most amazing Taco Bell you will ever see, it literally sits on the beach and has a walk-up window for people with sandy feet! We didn’t eat there but we did take a nice walk up to the top of Mori Point to get a great view of the beach. I lived there for a few months and would often walk up on my own to sit and relax. Sometimes the sound of the waves can bring a lot of peace to your mind.

We are trying a new way to present our photos via Slideshow. Please let us know if you like it or prefer the scrolling way we had them placed before!

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There’s nothing like that crisp ocean breeze

photo 2

Alright, we all made it.  The new year is here and one of my resolutions is to be outside more.  I’m always trying to enjoy the outdoors but I’ve really realized there are many places I still haven’t seen in San Francisco and I need to work on finding them.   Since a few friends from LA were in town, Shannon and I decided we wanted them to see a few places we love.  I chose Twin Peaks and then Shannon wanted to show us the Sutro Baths which I have never seen before and I can’t believe it.  They are SO beautiful!  They lie right next to the famous Ocean Beach and can be easily accessed from Hwy1.

photo 1(The baths are connected to hiking trails that wind through and hug the CA coast)

photo 5(The sectioned off baths are so still and beautiful)

photo 3

photo 4(Unfortunately, someone had tagged the beautiful ruins)

photo 3 (1)(They have this beautiful cave you can walk through and hear the roar of the ocean crashing into the cliff below and beside you)

photo 2 (1)(Me and Shannon exploring on the concrete balance beams)

photo 1 (2)

photo 3 (2)

photo 4 (2)

photo 2 (2)(Airplanes were flying so close to the coast just soaking up the sights because the day couldn’t have been any more beautiful)

photo 1 (1)(Even the coast guard was hovering close by)

photo 5 (1)

photo 4 (1)And last but not least, our dear friend Sarah who was visiting from LA shared this with us.  I love it and I find it inspiring to read each morning.  Have a great weekend!

I can’t help it, I like pretty things

I know the premise of our blog is typically humorous (at least we think) but sometimes I can’t help it.  I just love pretty things.  A lot of those pretty things tend to be in nature so I wanted to share some of the prettiest things I’ve seen recently.  Most things can’t be done justice in a photo but I do love to try.  Hawaii is heavenly and last week while I was there, I never fell short of inspiration.  I truly felt thankful to be spending time with my family in such a beautiful place.

(I loved the walking/running paths along the ocean.  You just can’t beat the views)

(The water is always warm)

(Sunsets that paint the entire sky)

(Unreal lighting)

(Vibrant colors)

(The baked goods are amazing)

(Unbelievable Sunsets)

The Hawaiian islands are magical for many reasons.  If you like pretty things the way I do, you will be in pure bliss.