Dress For Success.

DSC_0381When I was in Australia, this high necked tank top caught my eye at a store called TEMT. I loved the pattern because it incorporated all of my favorite colors. It is pretty long which I like too, the crop trend is hard to pull off at my age so I just don’t even want to try it! I was surprised how easy it was to dress up this top, with a basic cotton pencil skirt and blazer, this became something I could wear to work.

DSC_0385(This cut has been trending for a while now and I think it is a great alternative to your usual tank cut)

DSC_0387(Close up of the fabric and purse detail)

DSC_0383(My new favorite booties courtesy of my friend, Lindsay)


A blazer is a quick way to dress up any tank or cami, I keep that in my back pocket at all times!