Dream Closet Inspiration.

DSC_0182The average woman has over 120 items in her closet and that doesn’t include shoes, purses, and undergarments. Getting ready in the morning can be a little overwhelming and that is why concepts like the Capsule Closet and the KonMari method have taken over the internet as of late. I’ve tried everything to pare down my closet to basics that can be mixed and matched to create many different outfits. Let’s be brutally honest, it is hard to get rid of clothing that you want to hold on to for rare occasions or holidays and even pieces that you hardly ever wear but still hold sentimental value. We recently came across a company called MakeSpace that helps you hold on to your stuff and free up your closet with the seasonal pieces that you are actually going to wear! They have an app which sends a representative to you to pick up your stuff on demand, and they’ll put it in safekeeping for you until you need it back. It really solves for a problem most of us have- we just have too much stuff! A few of my friends swear by this concept because it allows them to keep all of their seasonal pieces and donate anything that they end up not wanting to store! I’m willing to try it if it means not having to part with the winter coats I love but get minimal use!

DSC_0183Shoes are the items in my closet that I can’t seem to get under control. I have boots upon boots but never wear them in the summer! With t-shirts and long sleeves this isn’t a huge problem because they don’t take up a ton of space but boots seem to get thrown on top of each other and clutter my entire closet. I would sort through all of my shoes first when filling up my first MakeSpace box, it would give me a better idea of any excess and help me focus on seasonality.

Makespace 1(Doesn’t this image inspire you? I really love sorting through my clothes- it makes me eager to update my wardrobe, reminds me of my clothes that get lost in the clutter, and organize the things that I love so that I can get to them more easily!)

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 3.44.54 PMIf we are talking about a dream closet, mine would be insanely organized. I love going into stores like IKEA and the Container Store and admiring how they organize their closets. Shoes are categorized by heel size, purses are displayed like art, and jewelry is tucked away in velvet lined drawers. I want this look, it would make getting ready so much easier!

outfit.jpgAnd in honor of these summer sales happening around us, here is a outfit that would be perfect for any closet! It has staple and quality pieces that could be mixed and matched easily (from day to night) and remain classic enough to be worn for years to come. I recently purchased these shoes and they have been my favorite purchase of the year. They go with everything and are extremely comfortable to wear! Score!

Don’t you feel inspired to organize now? If you’re like me and have too much stuff to wrap your head around, start with piles of what you want to keep or donate. Then sort by season. If you want to give MakeSpace a try, check if they are in your city! 🙂


My Space.

I live in an apartment in San Francisco which means one thing, organization is key! With a small space I have to make sure that everything I own has it’s place and I can’t hold on to things that could be considered clutter. I’ve gotten pretty creative and found fun ways to hide shoes and repurpose items that I don’t use everyday but don’t necessarily want to get rid of.

My Space(I stack old department store boxes, in this case Kate Spade, and fill them with mementos. I made a pyramid of these boxes and intertwined journals to add height and topped with a piece of coral for decorative purposes.)

My Space(I love my perfume bottles because I think they’re pretty. I stacked two on one my favorite books, Wuthering Heights, and the last honeycombed bottle on small vintage-style pocket mirror that I rarely use but don’t want to part with)

My Space(I have about 20 pairs of shoes and I hide them in these polka dot boxes. I top them with magazines that I got in Paris and one catalogue that I still need to sift through, I like picking them up to read every now and then)

My Space(I repaired this drawer a few years back by sanding it down and painting it teal and finishing it off with coral knobs that I picked up at Anthropologie. I decorate it with a simple mirror, a homemade terrarium, and a rose scented candle. I also keep my makeup tucked away in the corner. This is how I display things that I use everyday but still try to keep the clutter at bay)

My Space

My Space(My bed is pretty simple, I keep the bedspread white but add color with a gold throw and decorative pillows. My room came with a large block that sits above my bed, I display one of my favorite pictures and some of my favorite lyrics and poems in colorful frames. I also opt for simple wall sconces in the empty space)

My Space(My vanity  is pretty small- I keep my earrings, rings, hair ties, and face lotions there without taking up too much room. I like to display my earrings in a dish because they’re easy to grab when I am running out the door and they’re pretty to look at)

My Space(I painted the top of my vanity gold and replaced the original plain white knob with this fun fox, I like the simple update I gave it)

My Space(Inside of my closet, I hang my over the shoulder purses and tuck them away from sight when the door is closed)

My Space(In my last attempt to keep organized, I color code everything that hangs in my closet. I like the way it looks and it’s a lot easier to find things)

There’s a little look in how I keep my hectic life simple at home. It’s not easy keeping organized in the city but I like the challenge!