Pond Skating.


Believe it or not, the above picture is Boca Lake (near Truckee, CA) completely frozen over.  While visiting with my good friends recently, they took me to go pond skating which was SO much fun.  They get to go pretty often and have some friends they play around on the ice with.  They had some extra skates that fit so I got to even do some skating.  This was a first for me but I love being outside and used to love ice skating when I was a kid!

Here’s Emily and I playing pass with some hockey sticks and a puck.


The ice was beautifully crystallized.  I’ve never seen anything like it!

We skated all the way out to the middle of the lake, it was unreal.

Can you imagine having an entire lake to ice skate on?  It was pretty great.

I was worried I may have forgotten how to skate but it’s just like riding a bike, it comes right back.  Although it did take some time to remember where my balance needed to be.

There wasn’t much snow but I also was able to check out Squaw for a bit.  The lines were short and it was spring like conditions.  It turned out to be pretty fun!

Anytime spent in the mountains is well spent, especially if you get to do it with friends 🙂

Also, we hope you take a moment today to remember Martin Luther King.  With everything going on in our country, it’s important to remember him and what he stood for.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

Walking Amongst the Giants.


The temperatures are slowly starting to drop but the sun is still shining so what better way to spend the time then to get outside and enjoy it.  Rob and I headed to Muir Woods over the weekend so get a good hike in and breathe the fresh air.  We ended up hiking up through the redwoods to the Panoramic highway and then back down through the Dipsea trail.  It was beautiful and refreshing and a great way to have a staycation.

The trees are so massive and beautiful.  Most of them are over 2,000 years old, pretty incredible.

Playing around with the Hipstomatic App.  My favorite is still the Pro HDR app for photography.

The canopies stand at over 300 ft tall.

It is the true Fern Gully.  Simply stunning.


Someone had strewn christmas ornaments along the trails!

We thought we might get lucky and the Tourist Club would be open but we must have missed it for December.

You can’t beat the views.

Wandering down the Dipsea Trail.

View from the top.

Happy New Year!  We will be back in 2015 🙂

Travel Thursday.


Over the weekend, my friend Emily and I picked a place on the map and decided to meet up there for the day.  We grabbed our guys and some floaties to take off for our own lake for the day.  I’d share where this location is except then it wouldn’t be ours anymore now, would it?  My best suggestion is check out a map and pick a spot.  Start an adventure 🙂

We had to take some backroads so it’s a good thing Emily and Matt have a truck that can cruise over anything!

The clouds looked like they were coming in so we weren’t sure what sort of weather we’d end up with.

But we kept going and ended up with a lake stealing the only sunshine of the day.  We had awesome weather and it was fun to float while watching the storm pass by.

It was beautiful.  We even saw a beaver swimming playfully around.

Happy place.




Meadows, lakes, and gorges.  What a beautiful day!


Where is your next adventure taking you?

Flea Market Finds.

We love perusing new and old finds to pick up pieces for the home or even presents for others!  With Valentine’s Day coming up, the flea market is the perfect place to find a project to put together for your loved one.

I absolutely love the idea of empty colorful frames.

Fun trays and glasses, maybe you can even make your loved one breakfast in bed!

Or even just find a reason to be outside!

You may even do some puppy spotting!

Berner Love.


My parents got a Bernese Mountain Dog (aka “Berner”) at the beginning of Summer and I’m just in love with her.  She’s large, goofy, and oh so lovable.  Her name is Genny, short for Genevieve, and she’s the best.  With this whacky “winter” weather, we’ve been able to enjoy some outdoor weather together!



My mom and I took Genny up in these hills to let her run around a bit.  It’s always nice to let the dogs run free and see that big, tongue wagging smile.

Beanie Baby.

IMG_5297OK, if you weren’t born in the ’80s ‘Beanie Baby’ may be a completely unfamiliar term which really doesn’t have anything to do with this post besides the related word ‘beanie’.  My friends and family know that I am the queen of beanies.  I love nothing more than a good knit to throw on when the temperatures start to drop.  Wouldn’t you know though, I have an entire drawer dedicated to beanies for my different outdoor needs.  Here’s my guide for beanies this fall/winter.

IMG_5322This thin knit Charlotte Russe beanie is great for being active outdoors.  It’s tight enough to stay on but also lets the top of your head breathe a little.

My Neff beanies are great for snowboarding.  Anything fitted and even that my goggles can pop right on is great.

IMG_5314Love my Free People beanie for city strolling.  The large stitch allows air to flow through nicely and it’s only gotten better the more it gets worn in.

This thick knit Forever21 beanie is the warmest and could be worn for any activity.  It also has cute small stitched hearts which adds soft detail.

Street wear Neff beanie.  This one is great because you can roll it into a good snowboarding beanie or keep it loose.

Outdoor Outing.

imageThis weather has been too good to not take advantage of and we have another beautiful weekend coming up!  Last weekend we headed out to Mt. Tam and Stinson Beach for a full day of sun and beautiful surroundings.  What else can you ask for?!  I definitely recommend it for any fellow bay area friends.

image(Views for days)






Don’t miss out on taking advantage of one of the most beautiful areas in the country when the weather is nice.  We all know the fog is just around the corner 🙂