Tribal Threads.

IMG_7101I’ve been digging Top Shop’s trends lately and when I saw THIS thick threaded tribal skirt, I knew it was right up my alley.  It’s comfortable and fits like a glove.  Also, since it’s a thicker material I can wear it with a tank top in the summertime and a long sleeve in the winter.  A perfect addition to a capsule closet.



IMG_7106I add my fringe heels here and call it a day.  They are super comfortable as well and go with pretty much everything.

Anthropologie Pony Patterns.

It’s no surprise that I love horses.  I really do in that nerdy little girl wants a pony for her birthday, Christmas, Easter, well, any holiday kinda way.  My mom is awesome and still likes to give me anything that reminds her of me and they are always perfectly my style.  When I was visiting with her a month or so ago she gave me this awesome shirt that she found at Anthropologie with a horse print on the back of it!  I also love polka dots so it’s a perfect combo.

Such a fun pattern.

I can be such a tomboy, I paired the top with some black skinny jeans, my short riding boots (H&M Copenhagen), and an oversized bag (Zara).


Sometimes, it’s nice to jump on with no saddle and no worries.  It’s not very practical to train bareback but I do love a ride every now and then sans saddle.  My friends recently got me this awesome duster sweater that I just love.  It’s a great sweater I can wear casually, riding, or even dress it up.

Taking an evening ride.


Galloping bareback up the hill.

A winter storm is coming in but very much welcome with the drought we are in.

In a week full of thanks, I’m thankful for horses among many other things.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Neon Trim.

IMG_1360My friends in the retail fashion world sent me off in style before I left my last job.  They sent me off with a bunch of nice cover ups to wear at my new job and this one I love especially.  I’m a very simple person but do love to add color when I can.  This little pop of neon is a nice way to add some variety to my everyday jeans and tank.


IMG_1368This is a perfect light jacket for warm work days.