Fresh Rain.

2015-11-01 23.58.39November brought a heavy rain to the Bay Area (Guns N Roses would be proud). It was so heavy that it actually woke me up from a deep sleep. My favorite thing is to stay under my comforter and listen to the rain hit the roof. It let up after I got up for the day so I was able to see remaining rain drops coming off of our cafe lights and trees in the backyard.

2015-11-01 23.55.33(The trees got to soak up the rain, which they really needed)

2015-11-01 23.58.54(We strung cafe lights above our mini orange tree- they provide a ton of light in the evening)

2015-11-01 23.56.10(Any excuse to pull out my Sorel rain boots- obsessed)

I can’t wait for more rain, it rinses all of the stress away. Do you love the rain too?

Let’s Go Stanford!

This weekend I went to my very first college football game and watched Stanford beat Arizona State University, it was pretty great!

Stanford(The day started out with a downpour of rain but brought out the eucalyptus oils the trees once the rained stopped. It turned into the most beautiful day)

Stanford(There was a great turnout, we ended up sitting in the Stanford section)


Stanford(We were right under the lights and under the clouds)

Stanford(39 to 14 in the fourth quarter)

I learned a lot about Stanford on Saturday. One, they have no official mascot but they do have a dancing Christmas tree. Two, the crowd comes equipped with Christmas ornaments which they jingle in order to create a stir and distract the other team, it seemed to have worked. Three, their stadium is beautiful and every seat is a good one!

A Venetian Flood.

San Marco SquareIt rained heavily in Venice when we were there. Before heading out for dinner, we were greeted by 2 inches of water outside of our hotel’s front door.

San Marco Square(We didn’t have rainboots so we took off our shoes and walked to dinner)

Venice Flood(A little flooding wasn’t going to ruin our night)

San Marco Square(A view from our hotel window)

Venice Flood(Off we go)

San Marco Square(After dinner we walked to San Marco Square and saw that the flooding was much deeper there)

San Marco Square(So we scored some rainboots and did what anyone would do, splashed!)

Venice Flood(The water probably 5 inches deep!)

San Marco Square(But frolicking in the flood works up an appetite for gelato eventually)

Venice is really beautiful, but it is actually pretty cool when you are sludging through flooded areas. Most of the Venetians were saying this kind of weather was irregular for May, but we made the best of it!

After Every Good Rain, Comes the Sun

IMG_6541While Chelsea is in Paris, I’ve taken it upon myself to do whatever the hell I want on here.  Which really only means one thing.  Adding many more photos :).  I woke up Christmas Eve morning to a sharp light that would catch every few minutes and sparkle into my bedroom window like a beautiful emerald siren.  This is when I realized the rain had stopped and I hopped out of bed throwing on some slippers and grabbed my camera.  One of my favorite times of day is the morning and especially a beautiful one after a good week of rain.  Everything was shimmering in the dearly missed sun blanket.

IMG_6554My succulents have come back to life!



















I’m a sucker for good scenery.  I find beauty in a lot of things so armed with my camera, I tend to see a lot of things that add a little more color to my day.  Christmas Eve was a beautiful day that I spent photo adventuring and catching up with close friends and my family.  These beautiful days aren’t expected but definitely a wonderful surprise when they sneak up on you.

These Boots Were Made for Puddles

IMG_6515This holiday season in San Francisco has been a bit more rainy than usual.  We got really bummed out about it for a minute and then realized, wait!  This is actually awesome.  Time to bust out our rain boots that you only really get to wear when it’s raining.  We both are commuters and have a pretty decent walk from public transportation to the office.  When it’s raining, if you don’t wear rain boots you get soaked.  Here are our picks for great rain boots!

IMG_6505(These are Jeffrey Campbell rain boots from Nordstrom)


IMG_6502(These awesome stompers are Sorel boots from which is an AWESOME site for discounts on great outer-wear of all kinds)



IMG_6513(These are a Target find!  They have some great options and last quite a while)

Get out there and start puddle stompin’!  There’s nothing more fun than facing a puddle head on and just plowing through.  Especially when you see other people frantically running or carefully scaling large puddles to avoid the water.  We have complete faith in you, you’ve got this!