When Fashion Fails You.

I feel like people and designers have really been upping the ante lately, especially when it comes to everyday fashion. I’m not sure where I first saw these boots below but they essentially gave me the idea for this post. It sparked a thought, ‘was there ever a time that I have seen an article of clothing or accessory that I had to have regardless of the fact that it was virtually unwearable’? And the answer was YES! I have MULTIPLE pairs of heels that I have never worn, simply because I can’t walk in them. It has been absolutely impossible for me to walk ten feet in any direction and I didn’t even factor that in when making my purchase. What came over me? From this day forward I am making a conscious decision to never purchase anything that could potentially break my ankles, stab me in the face, or make it impossible to operate a vehicle. Please join me in this movement.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 7.57.54 PM(Ok, Hunter. You’ve got me here. So, you’ve designed a high heeled rain boot to wear in the rain. Rain is usually wet, slippery, and harder to walk in then when it is dry. This seems crazy dangerous and all around uncomfortable. But let’s be real, you’ve probably sold a ton of these)

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 7.58.02 PM(Hello Kitty. Yes. Love. Sanrio fan for life. However, there is a limit. And while I feel that the limit has only been slightly  crossed here, that isn’t even the issue I have with these nails. Try typing, driving, riding a bike, or even tapping a number into your phone. Most of these things will end in tears. The only thing these nails will be good for is flipping the bird)

rodarte-fall-2013-barb-wire-earrings-necklace(Rodarte, you murderous genius. Truth be told, I find the mixed metals and general design of these pieces to be quite beautiful. But one accidental fall on a sidewalk and it’s straight on decapitation. Marie Antoinette, anyone?)

Maybe we should stick to our converse sneaks and stay safe this weekend!

Take Us Back, Tuesday.

Member last year at this time when we were splashing through the narrow streets of Venice?  OK, well we definitely remember and talk often about what an awesome Europe trip we had together last year.  Out of the multiple rounds of photos we took, we hardly shared the best ones including some outtakes.  Hopefully these can provide you a good laugh on this fine Tuesday or at least just a little internet getaway.


We really got silly when the weather didn’t let up.

Trying for the “splash” shot.

Monitoring the weather.


The water kept rising and rising.


I’ve heard the saying a million times “Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain” and we couldn’t agree more!

A Venetian Flood.

San Marco SquareIt rained heavily in Venice when we were there. Before heading out for dinner, we were greeted by 2 inches of water outside of our hotel’s front door.

San Marco Square(We didn’t have rainboots so we took off our shoes and walked to dinner)

Venice Flood(A little flooding wasn’t going to ruin our night)

San Marco Square(A view from our hotel window)

Venice Flood(Off we go)

San Marco Square(After dinner we walked to San Marco Square and saw that the flooding was much deeper there)

San Marco Square(So we scored some rainboots and did what anyone would do, splashed!)

Venice Flood(The water probably 5 inches deep!)

San Marco Square(But frolicking in the flood works up an appetite for gelato eventually)

Venice is really beautiful, but it is actually pretty cool when you are sludging through flooded areas. Most of the Venetians were saying this kind of weather was irregular for May, but we made the best of it!