Road Tripping the California Coast.


After our friends’ wedding the other weekend, we opted for the long route home along hwy 1 from Cambria to San Francisco.  My little Subaru handled the roads like a champ (as she always does 🙂 and we soaked in views for miles, literally.  Here’s a taste of the treat you might get if you opt for the long way home.

Elephant Seal Beach.  These cuties had a lot to say!

There were quite a few seals on the beach.


Every pull out has a breath taking surprise if you take the time to check them out.


A piece of the road you will drive.  So incredibly beautiful.

Goofing off of course.  But really, look at that water!

The pit stops aren’t bad.

The sun came out in full force.

Lunch view.


Getting closer to Big Sur, the coast line begins to turn into tree lines.

And of course, the bridge :).  I’m telling you, take the long way home along hwy 1 sometime.  It’s worth every minute.

Bixby Bridge.


One of the most beautiful bridge spans to see along highway 1 is Bixby Bridge.  It’s massive and magnificent.  I’d seen pictures of this bridge and had always wanted to set my eyes on the real deal when I were to make a trip to Big Sur.  I was so delighted on our road trip last weekend that we were able to drive over it and stop to take it all in.

Snagged this shirt from Urban Outfitters on sale recently.  They don’t have it online but in stores in the sale section.  Of course I love the horses on it 🙂

Rob taking it all in.

Me being a little bit more cheesy.

It’s more than worth it to drive to see this bridge.  If nothing else, you will at least enjoy the drive along the coast and through the redwoods.  I can’t wait to go back!

Britt’s Picks – Road Trip Travel Essentials.

IMG_3978 I love a good road trip.  I love seeing roads I’ve never seen before and observing different landscapes as you pass through.  This past weekend, we headed up to Valley Springs for a family get together and to head to a fund raiser involving large rescue entertainment animals (post coming soon!).  While I was packing, I realized I’ve gotten quite good at throwing a weekend bag together for a road trip so I wanted to share my list of essentials in case you need one in a pinch.

Packing List:

Mexican-blanket I purchased a blanket while I was in Cabo that I bring everywhere with me.  It’s the best versatile blanket.  I’ve used it to sit on, wrap around me at a bonfire, and even to cover things up in my car if I need to run into a store.

Contigo-AUTOSEAL-Cortland-Family Re-fillable water bottle.  Whenever I stop, I re-fill from the water spout on the fountain soda machine.

universal-mini-usb-plug-in-car-charger-black-d Universal USB phone charger for the car.  I found one of these at Walgreen’s and it’s been a lifesaver for when my phone battery runs low from using directions on my phone on a long road trip.  Which also brings the good point, don’t forget your charger(s)!

inflatable-pillow-red_1 Inflatable travel pillow if you have room.  It saves your neck if you are napping while not driving.

IMG_3920 I’m a fan of layers as well.  I prefer having a layer for any type of weather and mix and matching throughout my trip.

Other forget-me-nots: travel hairbrush, a few hair ties, mini dry shampoo bottle, some thick socks, a good pair of leggings, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, good playlist (my latest favorite album is Glitterbug by the Wombats), camera, and some snacks.

Some of the best parts of a road trip are just enjoying the journey so don’t forget to pull over every now and then and enjoy your favorite new and/or old places 🙂

{{ Photos by: Roberto Jimenez }}

Tahoe Spring.

Tahoe is a sad sight for snow right now but as the snow melts away, the emerald beauty reappears just in time for Summer.  With these last few weeks at the ski/snowboard resorts, it’s time to get those last few turns in before you trade in your snow pants for your swim suits.  Tahoe is one of my all time favorite places year round.  You can’t go wrong when you are surrounded by such an amazing place.

I was worried that Squaw might not have too many lifts open based on it’s bare face but the upper mountain had a bunch of lifts open!

Upper mountain looking beautiful as ever.

Park laps with Brie!

Brie at the top!

We did hit some rough patches but after an epic day we hit the hot tub at high camp.

I can’t believe what a snowless season it was but we will take what we can get and it was still awesome to be up snowboarding in the mountains.

Some clouds started to roll in as we headed down the mountain to check out the Winter Wonder Festival in the village.

Bands playing with Squaw as a backdrop.

With Winter already out the door, it’s time to gear up for an epic Summer in the mountains.

Although, a storm was creeping in as I left the mountains last weekend so maybe we will be lucky enough to have one last snow storm before it’s full Summer mode!

What is your favorite season to be in the mountains?!

Pescadero Days.

image_2Last weekend, Nick and I took a drive up the coast to a tiny town called Pescadero. We went on a small hike, enjoyed the cliffsides alongside the ocean and stopped into the popular Harley Farms Goat Dairy. Harley Farms has hundred of goats and makes all sorts of delicious treats to enjoy as a result.

image_9(Plain goat cheese with edible flowers- we got this, it was out of this world good)

 image_4(Goat cheese truffles? Yes, please!)

image_10(You can’t see it here but they have light green eggs!)

image_13(We tasted this spicy mint olive oil which was tasty on a piece of sourdough)

image_14(Goat cheese soaked in olive oil and sun dried tomatoes. I didn’t try this but will consider it when we go back)

image_7Everything there was so quaint and beautifully presented. The people were extra friendly and we had an overall wonderful experience there. We even got to see some of the baby goats try to climb up a slanted piece of wood with very little luck. If you ever find yourself in Pescadero, you should stop into Harley Farms.


Santa Barbara Escape.


I spent last weekend in beautiful Santa Barbara celebrating a good friend’s bachelorette party.  We rented a house in the hills overlooking the ocean and truly had a serene weekend.  The weather was absolutely perfect and we soaked up the sun.

The view from our coffee deck every morning.  We spent almost all of our time at the house outdoors on this patio.

Sunset selfie with the bride to be!

Having the most tasty breakfast on State St here!

Two of the girls rented a convertible and we were cracking up at our convertible hair.  That’s the way to go when you are driving along the coast!

Sheena, the maid of honor, enjoying the morning light.

We rented paddle boards from here!  We paddled out in the ocean and came across these adorable seals!

Paddle boarding through the harbor.

The inbetweens enjoying the garden at our house.

The flowers were so vibrant.

These beautiful daisies with vibrant centers.


A day at the beach!

Strolling through the adorable downtown area.

We went to tea/champagne at the Four Seasons Saturday afternoon.  The views were gorgeous.

Everyone got their own pot of tea and a glass of champagne.  We were well stocked on the liquids.

Some delectable desserts.

We spent an afternoon cruising around the Funk Zone which was a very hip, small district of restaurants/breweries/wineries.

Even the bathrooms had awesome art haha.

Beautiful sunsets.

And gorgeous nights.

Santa Barbara was a wonderful place for a bachelorette weekend!