When the Fog Rolls in.

imageWhile in the small village of Rocca, Italy, there was such a beautiful canyon that let the fog seep through it from time to time.  It varies on a day to day basis but up in these lush green Italian hills, there’s a calm.  Rocca overlooks the Devil’s Bridge from a far ways up and sits quietly at the top of a mountain.  It’s the perfect place for some R&R.



IMG_9662(Watching the sun shine through)

IMG_9668(Enjoying some coffee with a view, a happy place for me)

IMG_9669(Slowly, the sun burns off the fog)


IMG_9679Another beautiful day to enjoy.

There are so many different ways to travel and enjoy your time off.  Choosing to stay in a small village is great for rest, relaxation, and views even when the fog rolls through.

Italian Hide Out


Starting the trip in Italy was amazing.  I’m still on an incredible adventure but wanted to share wine of the most beautiful places we found in Italy.  Up tucked away in the Italian mountains was a very, very small village (no more than 20 residents max) and the plus side of this was enjoying some of the most phenomenal views while relaxing in the afternoons after a long day of wandering.