My Space.

I live in an apartment in San Francisco which means one thing, organization is key! With a small space I have to make sure that everything I own has it’s place and I can’t hold on to things that could be considered clutter. I’ve gotten pretty creative and found fun ways to hide shoes and repurpose items that I don’t use everyday but don’t necessarily want to get rid of.

My Space(I stack old department store boxes, in this case Kate Spade, and fill them with mementos. I made a pyramid of these boxes and intertwined journals to add height and topped with a piece of coral for decorative purposes.)

My Space(I love my perfume bottles because I think they’re pretty. I stacked two on one my favorite books, Wuthering Heights, and the last honeycombed bottle on small vintage-style pocket mirror that I rarely use but don’t want to part with)

My Space(I have about 20 pairs of shoes and I hide them in these polka dot boxes. I top them with magazines that I got in Paris and one catalogue that I still need to sift through, I like picking them up to read every now and then)

My Space(I repaired this drawer a few years back by sanding it down and painting it teal and finishing it off with coral knobs that I picked up at Anthropologie. I decorate it with a simple mirror, a homemade terrarium, and a rose scented candle. I also keep my makeup tucked away in the corner. This is how I display things that I use everyday but still try to keep the clutter at bay)

My Space

My Space(My bed is pretty simple, I keep the bedspread white but add color with a gold throw and decorative pillows. My room came with a large block that sits above my bed, I display one of my favorite pictures and some of my favorite lyrics and poems in colorful frames. I also opt for simple wall sconces in the empty space)

My Space(My vanity  is pretty small- I keep my earrings, rings, hair ties, and face lotions there without taking up too much room. I like to display my earrings in a dish because they’re easy to grab when I am running out the door and they’re pretty to look at)

My Space(I painted the top of my vanity gold and replaced the original plain white knob with this fun fox, I like the simple update I gave it)

My Space(Inside of my closet, I hang my over the shoulder purses and tuck them away from sight when the door is closed)

My Space(In my last attempt to keep organized, I color code everything that hangs in my closet. I like the way it looks and it’s a lot easier to find things)

There’s a little look in how I keep my hectic life simple at home. It’s not easy keeping organized in the city but I like the challenge!