Berlin Update.

Ok, so it’s not a real Berlin photo update which I have lots of as well but I told you I think Ryan gosling is following me!!  Berlin is super cool and hip.  It actually reminds me a lot of San Francisco.  I feel very inspired by the style and art here.  It’s definitely a very unique city. Happy Friday!


Hey Girl, What’s Your Sign?!

New Orleans is filled with unique art, music, and signs! Some are handcrafted and some are just plain funny! It’s weird though, as I was shooting photos I got an eerie sense that I was being followed. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what was happening at the time but as I look back through my pictures- I think Ryan Gosling may have been hot on my trail. He has been trying to call me ever since this post but it couldn’t be him, could it?

(Are my easy deceiving me?! God, he’s a handsome devil)

(I mean you’d empty your pocket book too if your guide looked like this…)

Ryan Gosling, Welcome to my Island.

You know, the idea of having a private island is starting to sound nicer and nicer everyday.       If you could pick one person in the world to bring to your island, who would it be? Yup, we are sharing our island because even in our fanatasy, we’re not made of money.

(Congratulations Ryan Gosling, Brittany picks you.)

(Chelsea picks her boyfriend Nick, of course.)

(But you know, if that doesn’t work out…)

Photoshop Genius Credit: Harmony Gong