Sail Away to Whitehaven.

10620163_814025968653568_8993737879314789562_oWe stayed on a catamaran for a few days in the Whitsunday Island chain (north of Sydney). We swam, paddle boarded, kayaked, and snorkeled our way through. It was such a relaxing few days, I enjoyed every bit of it!

DSC_0368(Life is hard on a catamaran! I spent a lot of my time reading on  the front of the boat)

1799025_814025675320264_698389114056329675_o(I’m off in the distance, paddling through the warmest water you have ever felt)

10818239_814029995319832_2592679323144212744_o(We had plenty of fishy friends who stopped by to say hello)

1493290_814028818653283_4703696648773467602_o(We stopped and swam with the stingrays at the famous Whitehaven Beach. The sand was unbelievably soft and white)

DSC_0376(We saw the most beautiful sunsets)



DSC_0468(Trying to keep your hair tame at sea is virtually impossible)

DSC_0390(Sunset light reflecting off of rope tied to our anchor)

DSC_0518(By the end of the trip, I was completely freckled)

I have an underwater camera that I need to get developed with our snorkel photos at the coral reefs. I can’t wait to share those with you, the fish that we saw were so beautiful!

Just A Few Angels On An Island


Since the weather has been so beautiful in San Francisco, my friends and I decided to check out Angel Island.  I had never been and my friend, Shannon, had so she knew it was worth the adventure.  You have to take a Ferry there which was actually a lot of fun!  We took the Ferry from Tiburon which is such a beautiful area so we decided to have lunch there first.  After we got to the island, it was beautiful sights for miles.

IMG_7240(Catching the Ferry)

IMG_7241(Lots of sail boats enjoying the sun)




IMG_7250(I loved these little boats)

IMG_7256(The Golden Gate Bridge looked beautiful as always.  Such a different view of it from Angel Island!)


IMG_7262(The Ferry leaving Tiburon)

IMG_7267(Hiking around beautiful Angel Island)

IMG_7273(There are a bunch of different camp sites you can stay at)

IMG_7278(Wish I knew who these people were to give them this photo! So cute)

IMG_7289(A bird and a bridge)



IMG_7299(My other friend Chelsea and Shannon)

IMG_7306(The views are incredible)

IMG_7311(Birds eye view)

IMG_7314(the colors are un-beatable)

IMG_7318(They have these amazing little benches everywhere to have lunch or just enjoy the views)


IMG_7323(I love this photo of them)





I definitely recommend this fun adventure to anyone.  There is a walking loop, a biking loop, and so much more.  They even have a little cafe and place to rent bikes right by where the ferry drops you off.  It was even a great place for families because right where you get off the ferry is a large lawn with picnic tables and plenty of space for kids to play.  We walked a lot of the loop that wraps around the island which was great for exercise, fun, and picture taking.

We hope you have a great weekend, Happy Friday!