Dainty Lady.

Dainty LadyI have always loved pieces of clothing that make me feel like a doll, for instance this poofy skirt was one of my favorites the moment I saw it in the Anthropologie catalog! It makes me feel like a princess in it, I just love it!

Dainty Lady(The material is thick and very stiff, it’s a unique piece)

Dainty Lady(Scored these oxblood velvet ballet flats at Old Navy)

Dainty Lady(My boyfriend’s mom gave me this necklace for Christmas, it looks like cherries on the vine)

Dainty LadyIt’s fun to play dress up and throw on fun pieces that make you feel fancy! Girl or boy, you should always find an excuse to dress up!


Madonna Inn.


Recently during my trip to San Luis Obispo I made a pit stop at the famous Madonna Inn. It’s tacky, lavish, pink, and AWESOME! It was like I stepped into Dolly Parton’s closet, I didn’t expect to see all of the glitz that I did!


(The entire building is covered in stone and everything is embellished, check out the front doors)


(Pink, pink, pink! The bar has the cutest swirly chairs)


(A giant floral arrangement stood from the center of the restaurant, where all things pink of coursed lived)20130721-094954.jpg

(The staircase was covered in bright floral carpet. LOVE)


(And of course nothing but pink roses)

It’s like a little piece of Vegas in the middle of San Luis Obispo! I am starting to learn more about the place and why it is the way it is, but I think it’s pretty cool!

Perils of a Penny Pincher. Part 2

Hiking is pretty much the best cheap activity there is because it is free, good for you, and once you get to the top you feel really impressed with yourself. This trail is called Valencia Peak and it is in Montana de Oro near San Luis Obispo.

(I had to take a photo of this beautiful bird because all of the blues in my focal point were overwhelming. And I know what you are thinking, 2 miles? It was uphill! And I am not a very good hiker so it was more like 22 miles if we are being technical!)

(This is how hiking with Nick goes. He is always a few dozen feet in front of me while I am taking pictures and catching my breath but I like it; we decided he is more like a boyfriend slash personal-trainer-I-never-signed-up-for. This is also a picture from just halfway up. SPOILER ALERT: I made it to the top)

(The side of the mountain was made of this rocky sandstone type material that I was obsessed with. I wish I had taken buckets of it home and made some weird project with it, it was light weight and beautiful)

(Here is Nick at the very top! Aside from him always leading the way and bringing me to new places, he also carries all of my trinkets. And he never complains. He is kind of extremely awesome. You all should find a tour guide like mine!)

(This is the view I was promised. I said I wanted to take pictures of the ocean and he gave me the entire mountain too. You can’t buy experiences like these, some of the best things in life are definitely free)

Perils of a Penny Pincher. Part 1

You ever wake up after a full night’s sleep in an exotic place with your whole day planned out for you and you don’t even know how it happened? Yeah, we haven’t either. You want to know why? Because we are cheap. It’s that simple but we don’t let that little hiccup stop this frugal pair from having fun! We always manage to find inexpensive and sometimes FREE things to do with our weekends. This brings us to a reoccurring post that we like to call “Perils of a Penny Pincher.”

One of my latest outings was this Labor Day weekend in San Luis Obispo. I stayed with Nick’s family and explored a gorgeous city that I had never really been to before! We met up with some friends (Kerry and Cahill) at a nearby sand dune and decided to surf down it. Have you tried it? It’s fun, free, and you can take home all the sand you can carry! I don’t think you can beat that!

(At the start of our 20 minute hike through the sand, we were greeted by a sign that cautioned: “Unexploded Ordinance May Remain in this Area.” I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to turn around and grab a burrito instead. But Kerry said, “let’s do this!” so we did it!)

(Things started out a little hairy, no one was moving very quickly down the massive hill we had just spent the last 20 minutes walking up. In fact, it was just a big sandy mess.)

(There were a few dozen crashes but an equal amount of laughs.)

(Cahill even did a few flips!)

(I finally decided to give it a whirl and slid down the hill on my first try!)

(Eventually we figured out that if you get a little push, you FLY down the hill! That’s when things got really fun!)

(Cahill was the last to get pushed, he made it to the very bottom of the hill. I wonder what ever happened to him…)

Overall, this was a lot of fun but here are a few tips I picked up: wax whatever board you are using, don’t use cardboard, start off with a good push, and lastly, don’t be afraid of embarrassing yourself- it’s good for you.