Something in the Air.

When the weather starts to get crisp and you need a warm accessory, we all run to our scarves! There are so many different types to choose from we end up picking along the lines of how we are feeling. Take a look at some of the varieties, any way you can’t go wrong!

Fringe(Have a scarf with a little fringe at the end? This is a great way to tie together a subtle look)

Fun(Bright colors always equal fun!)

fierce(Feeling fiesty? Tiger print is the way to go!)

fashionable(Leopard print never goes out of style)

flair(Add a swirl of color to create some flair for your outfit)

We love how scarves add both instant warmth and style to any outfit, maybe that’s why we have dozens!

Back To The Grind.

work outfitRunning out the door can be nerve wrecking on a workday, did I forget something at home?! Am I wearing the right color belt? Did I remember my walking shoes? Where’s my underwear?! Ok, that doesn’t really happen but here is a cute go-to work outfit to inspire you.

work outfit(White boat neck tee- Old Navy, French neck scarf- Paris, rolled up skinny pants- Target, long strapped purse- TopShop, and camel heels- Banana Republic)

purse topshop(I love natural colors paired with bright colors, it brings out the best shades in each of them)

french scarf(I picked up this scarf from a Parisian vendor across from the Louvre. It is silky and I love the print!)

studded belt(The perfect accessory- a studded belt)

banana republic heels(A true rarity- comfy heels! They are still a little high for me but I love the way they work perfectly with every outfit!)

Parisian Scarf(I miss you Paris)

Sometimes the outfit is about the accessories. Load them up and have fun with your look!

Hipster Hangout

There’s one type of style that really resonates with the San Francisco music scene and really any music scene for that matter.  There are different variations of the style of course, like this one which is a little more rock glam.  In the end it all falls under one word, hipster.  I just love hipster style.  There’s something so nerdy but beautiful about it.  Who cares if you look like Urkel or Waldo, they were cool!  It’s also comfortable to be bundled and beanied.  So grab a PBR and embrace your inner hipster style.

(My Steve Madden boots are THE BEST.  I wear these with shorts, dresses, leggings, jeans, and so much more)

(I love beanies.  They keep you warm and can help tame a wild mane.)

(A trick I’ve learned that’s made me love scarves:  Tie the ends in a small knot and then wrap around your neck once or twice like an infinity scarf.  It keeps the scarf laying nicely but still cutely disheveled.)

(Grab a PBR, put on your urkel glasses, and perch in a window.  Boom, we just made you a hipster too!)