Spain Update.

IMG_3066OK, the most beautiful place I’ve ever encountered has hit my radar…  The Mediterranean rendered me speechless.  Spending the past week there was the absolute BEST way to end an almost 2 months in Europe.  The water, the weather, and the time spent their with my friend, Shannon, was priceless.  I thought I’d leave you with these photos while I work on organizing the rest of my photos from all over Europe.  I have so many places to share with you about great food, fun things to do, and of course fashion 🙂 

IMG_3027(Cala Pi, Mallorca)

No, I don’t want no scrubs …

I just want a sea salt exfoliate.  Big difference.  Chelsea had been talking about this amazing body “scrub” that she had made a few years ago and how great it made her skin feel.  Before she left for her trip, she decided to make a few batches while I worked on another project.  Let me tell you, this stuff is amazing.  I’m a pretty simple person and not into too many scents or crazy soaps but this is so refreshing and makes your skin so smooth!

What you will need (We stocked up on ours from Whole Foods):
1. Sea Salt
2. Coconut Oil
3. Lemons

IMG_6473(To start out, you may have to heat up the Coconut Oil because you want to make sure that it’s a liquid consistency)

IMG_6466(After the oil has turned to liquid, add it to the sea salt in a large mixing bowl.  The amount of sea salt and oil you use all depends on the storage containers you are going to put them in at the end.  We used mason jars here.)

IMG_6468(Squeeze fresh lemon in to liking.  We added extra lemon because it smells so good!)

IMG_6475(Place the delicious contents in mason jars and add some big chunk slices of lemon.  Voila!  A natural and fabulous body exfoliate.)

These could be a great and thoughtful gift for a friend or family member’s birthday.  Or you could even make this to keep and pamper yourself.  Either way, it’s very simple to make these.  Enjoy!

There’s nothing like that crisp ocean breeze

photo 2

Alright, we all made it.  The new year is here and one of my resolutions is to be outside more.  I’m always trying to enjoy the outdoors but I’ve really realized there are many places I still haven’t seen in San Francisco and I need to work on finding them.   Since a few friends from LA were in town, Shannon and I decided we wanted them to see a few places we love.  I chose Twin Peaks and then Shannon wanted to show us the Sutro Baths which I have never seen before and I can’t believe it.  They are SO beautiful!  They lie right next to the famous Ocean Beach and can be easily accessed from Hwy1.

photo 1(The baths are connected to hiking trails that wind through and hug the CA coast)

photo 5(The sectioned off baths are so still and beautiful)

photo 3

photo 4(Unfortunately, someone had tagged the beautiful ruins)

photo 3 (1)(They have this beautiful cave you can walk through and hear the roar of the ocean crashing into the cliff below and beside you)

photo 2 (1)(Me and Shannon exploring on the concrete balance beams)

photo 1 (2)

photo 3 (2)

photo 4 (2)

photo 2 (2)(Airplanes were flying so close to the coast just soaking up the sights because the day couldn’t have been any more beautiful)

photo 1 (1)(Even the coast guard was hovering close by)

photo 5 (1)

photo 4 (1)And last but not least, our dear friend Sarah who was visiting from LA shared this with us.  I love it and I find it inspiring to read each morning.  Have a great weekend!