Going Out?

IMG_1923Ok, this is misleading because I rarely “go out” but I knew I had to have this top in the event that I ended up at BootieSF one night. If you don’t know what Bootie is, good- let’s leave it at that. But for those of you who do, isn’t this the perfect top for a night of dancing to live mash-ups?

IMG_1913(A close up of the sequins- honestly, they will cut you if you aren’t careful. It’s amazing)

IMG_1917(The camera can hardly focus with all of the light bouncing off the shirt)

IMG_1911(I also love the V in the back of the top)

IMG_1918(Pants- Gap. There is a subtle pleather detail here, it adds a little something)

I’ve had this top for about a year and have never had the right opportunity to wear it. Does that happen to you? Should we stop buying pieces in the hopes that we will one day have a reason to wear it? Maybe not, maybe we need to start planning more events around the clothes that we buy or swap with our friends. 😉