Swing swang, it’s all the same – Bloopers!

IMG_9132Of course while shooting the last two posts, we had many bloopers.  Especially because the photos we wanted to get took some serious sand rolling.  Some shots included laying on our backs in order to produce the pure sky and swing photos.  At the end, we also both hopped on a swing at the same time while I attempted to take photos of us both.  You can only imagine all the dirty looks we were getting from 5 year olds wondering what the hell we were doing moving in on their jam.  Half were impressed, half were amused.


IMG_9045(I just missed snapping the photo at the right time on this one)

IMG_9106(It took a while for us to figure out when to snap)

IMG_9141(The shadow shots are my favorites)

In some unexplainable way, these photos say a lot about us.  We both always have crazy ideas that the other is always up to try.  I love that Chelsea never thinks I have a bad idea and I always love her ideas.  No matter how impossible they can sound, I know that we both have it in us to let our imaginations come to life.

Chasing Shadows

Shadow 1Once in a while Britt and I will be trolling around the city during lunch looking for great places to take pictures at. We found this staircase about 2 blocks from our work and loved the way the sun hit the wall projecting brilliant shadows. My cousins had just given me this beautiful seafoam colored dress and it really popped against the red brick.

(Dancing on the walls)

Wall 3(I love the buttons on the dress and the collar too)

Seafoam Dress(I have an affinity for geometric shapes, it makes this dress seem very Mod)

Boots(My friend jokes that these boots were once owned by Blossom but they are my favorite)

hole(We found this hole peeking through the wall and decided to take a shot)

Perils of a Penny Pincher. Part 3

Conservatory of FlowersLife is great in the Golden Gate (Park)! I live two blocks from the entry to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and I couldn’t think of a better backyard to have. It is only a five minute walk to the Conservatory of Flowers which is this amazing building created for botany lovers. The weather was an outstanding 80+ degrees last week so my friend and I took full advantage as we went on a stroll through the park.

Conservatory of Flowers(The entrance to the Conservatory of Flowers)

Clock(There is a huge clock built  into the ground at the entrance, it reminds me of Disneyland)

Gate(There is a tunnel that leads to the other side of the park; it’s dark & spooky inside)

Stairs(The tunnel often has jazz bands playing for tourists on the weekends, the sound is awesome)

Tree Climb(There are huge trees in the area that are easy to climb up, you could relax and read a book!)

(Taking a shaded break from the heat)

Sunlight(The sun was peeking through the trees, it was so beautiful)

marigolds(The grounds are kept up nicely, brilliant foliage is everywhere)

shadows(Goofy shadows in the grass)

columns(These concrete columns line across a small bridge)

(This black bird reminded me that it is almost time for Halloween)

If you are not from San Francisco but are looking to visit, Golden Gate Park truly is magnificent. If you haven’t been before, you should go! You could get lost looking at all kinds of animals including live Buffalo!