Spotlight Artist: Atlas Genius

Atlas Genius

Spotlight Artist – Atlas Genius

We go to a lot of shows and have the chance to see a lot of great artists every month.  It’s always great to get out and take a real listen to music, it’s a true representation of the artists.  Chels and I both share a love for music and although we don’t always agree on certain artists, Atlas Genius is a band that we are both crazy about.  We took note of their single track “Trojans” when it first started circulating the air waves and decided to take a further listen.

These nice Aussies are on the rise and we wanted to share their music with you while you still have a chance to see them on tour with one of our other favorites Silversun Pickups as we just did last week!  Get to the show early to catch these guys, you won’t be disappointed.  We both picked our favorite tracks and you can take a listen below if you’d like!

Britt’s pick: Back Seat

I love this song! It’d make a great road trip song to put on a playlist and hit the road with your friends.

Chelsea’s pick: Symptoms

Every time this song starts playing on my shuffle, my ears always perk up- I love the lyrics!

(photo from Fox Theatre, Oakland)

How You Know It’s Time For Lunch.

The other day, Brittany and I were on the phone chatting about upcoming DIY projects. I started to get the feeling that she was distracted and not giving me her full attention. This is what followed:

Chelsea: “You know what we can do? Take the glass from the picture frame and make a little table out of it. It can hold dead bodies.”

Brittany: “Uh, huh.” *chewing sound*

C: “Are you listening to me? What did I say?”

B: “Yeah, I am! Ok, no. I was scraping the crumbs from the bottom of my cookie bag.”

C: “I knew you weren’t listening to me! I said we can make a table for dead bodies!”

B: “You know what I pictured you saying? ‘Let’s make a table surrounded by cookies.'”

Basically, I learned that I can’t compete with cookies and it was clearly time for lunch.
Have a great weekend and thanks for making this a fun first week! And in honor of seeing the Silversun Pickups & Atlas Genius this past Wednesday, check back on Monday for Rock Show Fashion!