Cable Knit Spring.

{hat – Otovalo Market in Ecuador, sweater – Ann Taylor, similar here, Denim – Madewell, Shoes – Banana Republic similar here, Bag – Marc Jacobs from Nordstrom Rack similar here}

The sun is starting to come out but there is still a chill in the air.  Since I am always cold, I like to be bundled up while embracing the Spring days to come.  The is my go to outfit at the moment.  What’s yours?

I love this hat that I got on vacation in Ecuador last summer.

It’s got a great detailed band.

IMG_5440_2Cable knit keeps me just warm enough.

You never know what you are going to find at the Nordstrom Rack, like this purse!  I also got these flats on super clearance at Banana Republic for under $10.  What a steal!

IMG_5437I’m pretty simple when it comes to dress so this is the perfect outfit for me when the days are chilly but the sun is shining.


Tahoe Spring.

Tahoe is a sad sight for snow right now but as the snow melts away, the emerald beauty reappears just in time for Summer.  With these last few weeks at the ski/snowboard resorts, it’s time to get those last few turns in before you trade in your snow pants for your swim suits.  Tahoe is one of my all time favorite places year round.  You can’t go wrong when you are surrounded by such an amazing place.

I was worried that Squaw might not have too many lifts open based on it’s bare face but the upper mountain had a bunch of lifts open!

Upper mountain looking beautiful as ever.

Park laps with Brie!

Brie at the top!

We did hit some rough patches but after an epic day we hit the hot tub at high camp.

I can’t believe what a snowless season it was but we will take what we can get and it was still awesome to be up snowboarding in the mountains.

Some clouds started to roll in as we headed down the mountain to check out the Winter Wonder Festival in the village.

Bands playing with Squaw as a backdrop.

With Winter already out the door, it’s time to gear up for an epic Summer in the mountains.

Although, a storm was creeping in as I left the mountains last weekend so maybe we will be lucky enough to have one last snow storm before it’s full Summer mode!

What is your favorite season to be in the mountains?!

Spring Flair.

Spring Flair

I picked up this white knit dress by ecoSkin a few weeks ago when I was thrift store hunting and I think it is perfect for the soon to be Summer days. love to pair flowy dresses with boots, it mixes masculine and feminine well)

(These fluttery cap sleeves are really simple and keep my shoulders cool, I think it is a nice touch)

Lately, I have been checking out the local buy back store called Crossroads and have been finding a bunch of great things for super cheap, this dress was only $12! Once in a while you can find something that is either new or practically new in stores like these. They are definitely worth a look.

Spring Vest.

Spring Vest

One of my favorite purchases from Spring comes from the Nordstrom line “Touve“. It looks like a basic navy blue vest but has a sheer panel on each side, I love how unique it is and the fact that I can wear it to work too!

Spring Vest.Another vest I really want is here!

Spring Vest

Spring Vest

I haven’t seen anything like this before and am so impressed with everything Touve has to offer!

The Clash.

The ClashNow that it’s Spring, I have been dabbling with bolder colors and mixing prints as most of Spring is inspired by the blooming flowers.

The Clash(Top- Forever 21, Skirt– Anthropolgie, Booties– Lucky Brand, Jacket (above)- Zara)

The Clash(I love the unique pattern of this soft pencil skirt)

The Clash

The Clash

A simple DIY- pluck some of your favorite sturdy blossoms and put them in a decorative dish filled with water. Happy Spring!

Cute Co-Worker Feature: Amy!

At my job, I’m surrounded by style.  I am always inspired by the women around me because my natural go-to outfit is far from stylish.  Amy is our amazing merchandising intern who is off to the big apple to persue her fashion dreams.  Every day that she was in the office, pushing rolling rack after rolling rack of clothing by, I never noticed the clothes on the rolling racks but always noticed her attention to her outfits.  She looked fabulous every single day so I wanted to feature her as she is about to embark on the next wonderful phase of her life!



We love her blouse and felt hat!

Good luck in NY, Amy!

Spring Has Sprung.

IMG_7771I can’t even pretend that Spring has not got me sprung.  The taste of the warm weather has never felt better.  I love winter but when the warm weather sneaks up on you, it’s nice to embrace it.  Along with the nice weather, brings the flowers that are starting to pop up everywhere.  The colors are brilliant and the sky tends to match.  Welcome Spring!








Now that Spring is here, it’s time to explore new territories and enjoy the fresh air.  Happy Spring everyone!