Leather Luxe.

Leather LuxeBrittany got a pair of these faux leather and mesh leggings and I had to try them on. I must say, in photos they don’t look so bad but in person- I probably wouldn’t rock them!

Leather Luxe(Pairing the leggings with a simple printed tee really helped tone them down a bit)

Leather Luxe(I really love the back of this shirt)

Leather Luxe(Shoes from Charlotte Russe)

Leather Luxe(The little details to this glasses really spice them up)

Charlotte Russe is coming out with some fun accessories, it is one of my favorite places to grab flats and shades!


Lost in Venice.

One thing I learned very quickly from my stay in Venice is that you always need a map! All of the streets look the same so I had to remember where I had been by the shops that I had seen along my way.  Another thing I learned was bring a hat, you never know when it will start to sprinkle!


(Most hotels will have handy and easy to read maps for you to take)

Venice(I got this hat at Urban Outfitters about a year ago, it’s been one of my best purchases)

Venice(This gigantic necklace from Anthropologie adds a lot of flare to this striped shirt)


Venice is one big beautiful maze! Pay attention to the landmarks around you because hardly ANYONE references the street names, it’s like they don’t exist. But getting lost is kind of the fun part, right?