The New Old School

IMG_7497I’ve been looking for a bag bigger than a purse for traveling on weekends and that I could carry my lunch and wallet to work with.  When I saw this amazing Brandy Melville backpack, I couldn’t resist and I’ve worn it every day since.  I carry it to work, I pack my gym clothes in it, and keep it packed for overnights with my frover.

IMG_7509(Steve Madden booties, Forever 21 key shirt, Urban Outfitters hat, Roxy shorts, and Nordstrom BP sunglasses)

IMG_7529(The shirt also has small shoulder pads which I love, it’s so old school but new school)


IMG_7516(I also loved the zipper down the back of this shirt)


IMG_7514(These flat studs are awesome because they don’t snag on anything!)


Unfortunately, they sold out of this bag really fast but you can find more of their cute bags here.  Shoulder pads and backpacks used to be “old school” but I have full faith they are coming back.  At least, I’m going to treat them like they never left.  They are so convenient and now there are so many cute options!  Why not be proud to wear a backpack?

The Perfect Stud.

Stud StudioDo you know what can make a simple girl feel like a glamorous woman? A stud. A stud that looks just right can make you feel like you are the most beautiful girl in the world- even when you have just woken up and still have drool stuck to the side of your face. Yes, every girl needs to find her perfect stud and I have found mine- well, a couple actually.

Stud Fountain(I can’t get enough of studs; I have two on me now- my studded purse and studded dress)

Stud Standing

(I have a form fitted dress tucked into a high waisted skirt. I don’t like to wear short dresses so this is a solution that works for me. I think it it makes my frame look longer as well)

Stud Close Up(Light chains are attached to the studs on my shoulders. The detail is a little rough but gentle at the same time. That is what every girl wants in a stud, right?)