Summer Salad Lettuce Cups.

With this heat wave we are experiencing, the only thing I want to eat is either fruit or salad! Everything else is just too hot! I whipped up this delicious and super easy dinner the other night, it is SO REFRESHING. Enjoy!

Summer Salad Lettuce Wraps(Fruit you’ll need: kumquats- or something tart, an assortment of tomatoes, nectarines, watermelon)

Summer Salad Lettuce Wraps(Other essentials: chopped basil, butter lettuce, goat cheese crumbles, olive oil- not pictured)

Summer Salad Lettuce Wraps(Chop each of the fruits and combine in a bowl. Add a splash of olive oil and mix)

Summer Salad Lettuce Wraps(Add in the goat cheese crumbles and chopped basil)

Summer Salad Lettuce Wraps(Serve in butter lettuce cups)

I love lettuce wraps and this is probably the easiest one that I have come up with. If you want to add in some protein, I would suggest cold seasoned chicken strips.