Lost in Lucerne.


The one destination on my trip that I was beyond excited for was Switzerland.  Being such an outdoorsy person, I couldn’t wait to get to the Swiss Alps.  Not to mention on top of the millions of outdoorsy things to do, it’s the most picturesque place I’ve ever seen.  However, it was the first destination I was going to by myself.  I didn’t even plan to stop in Lucerne but hey, it happened and what the hell I was in Europe.  I knew it’d all work out.  I spent the night in Lucerne and enjoyed walking around.  It was extremely ritzy, Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s constantly flying by.  Those Swatch people must be rolling in the Swarovskis.

image(I saw a lot of Europe’s highlights, here is Europe’s oldest bridge – the Chapel Bridge)

IMG_0515(Lots of style, I knew Chels would love these)

IMG_0528(It was rainy while I was there but I still walked all around the waterfront)

IMG_0534(Other people didn’t seem to mind the rain either)





IMG_0576Of course, I love anything horse related.  There were these strong statues scattered along one piece of lake Lucerne.

Lucerne was good for a quick little stop.  I would recommend spending more time closer to Interlakin but maybe I’m just partial to where I stayed after Lucerne (in Meiringen).  It was quiet, beautiful, and right next to the train.  Nonetheless, Switzerland was everything I thought it’d be and more 🙂  I also went to the highest point in Europe (the Top of Europe) in Switzerland and looked out over the glacier.  Those pics are coming soon!

European Travel Awards.

After traveling through 7 countries, the question my friends and family have asked the most is “What was your favorite place?!”  To this question, there is no real answer because I had a positive experience in every place.  However, there were certain things that I liked more about one place if I were to compare it to another.  Alas, I give a few of my European travel awards that I deemed from my own discoveries.

imageThe best coffee (although there were some strong contenders) came from Italy.  Cappuccinos were strong but small so you’d get to enjoy a caffeine kick without being overloaded with too much milk.  NOTE:  If you are looking for iced anything, good luck.  Some may note that on a menu but it’s not the same.  Stick with the hot drinks even if on the beach.  You will enjoy it no matter what.  Va Benne!

image By far, the most picturesque was Switzerland!  Every turn has something beautiful in sight and it’s a photographers dream land.  I can’t say enough about how beautiful Switzerland is.  It’s a place on my list to go back to for winter and summer.  NOTE:  You may not always get sunny and perfect weather so my saving grace was a pair of thin thermals to layer under my clothes in the case the weather turned.

imageThis definitely belongs to Berlin.  There’s so much history and art, it’s a city wrapped up for old and new school.  I wandered for hours on end finding fascinating things.  My favorite to see in Berlin was the East Side Gallery which is a beautifully painted in graffiti section of the Berlin Wall.  I can’t wait to dedicate an entire post to it 🙂

imageNow if you know me, you know I died and went to heaven in Denmark.  Bike riding is the main means of transportation with their very own lanes and horses are not few and far between.  I hope I get to go back and visit Copenhagen many more times.  I’ve heard it is very dark during the winter with very short daylight hours but in the summer it stays light past 10pm and you can enjoy the outdoors even longer.

imageThis is no shock considering Mallorca was the only place I visited that is known for beaches.  However, that didn’t change how incredible STUNNING the beaches are on this Spanish island.  You can check out more pictures from one of the beaches here.

I’ll be posting much more in detail about each of these places I visited, including good places to grab some food, coffee, and how accessible the transportation was.  Travel is such a beautiful thing and a great way to open your mind to new people and places.  Pictures can only show you so much but my suggestion is to buy a plane ticket and get out there to experience it for yourself.  You will be pleasantly surprised by the gems you find 🙂

Traveling Sunsets.

photo 3While traveling, I saw some of the most beautiful skies.  One common question I get asked about traveling is “don’t you get tired of being on a plane or on a train?!” and my answer to this is always no.  It may not be for everyone but I love sitting by a window and just watching the scenery pass me by.  I was very lucky with weather while traveling (for the most part) so I saw some pretty great sunsets from all over Europe.  Here are a few.

photo 2(On a train in Holland)

photo 1(Touchdown in London)

IMG_3149(Palma, Mallorca)

photo 1(1)(Switzerland mountains)

photo 4(Spanish Islands)

photo 3(1)(Berlin rooftops)

photo 2(1)(Swiss snow caps)

I love bright and colorful skies so I was quick to snap photos and then enjoy the rest of the rays as they slowly slid behind the horizon.  Somehow I always seemed to be in transit while the sun was going down but I can’t complain 🙂