Sydney Fish Market.

DSC_0206Our friend, Fai, took us to the Fish Market in Sydney. There were tons of different shops to look through and we eventually grabbed some fresh sashimi and grilled prawns to snack on. There were so many different kinds of fish, big and small. There was one piece of tuna that had to be at least 3 feet wide in diameter, the fisherman was just cutting these tasty pieces from it.


DSC_0197(Prawns for days)

DSC_0193(We didn’t end up trying the mussels, but how could you go wrong?)

DSC_0201(I loved how they stacked all of this fish, there were just so many)

DSC_0212(Lobster, nom)

DSC_0214(Blue and red crabs, I wonder which one is better)

One of my other favorite places to visit is Pike’s Place in Seattle. I love looking at all of the different fish for sale. I love seafood so it is fun to get inspired about what you would cook up!

The Rocks, Sydney.

DSC_0159My favorite part of Sydney was a section called “The Rocks”. It had the coolest bars, restaurants, and views. I felt like I was in San Francisco, and it was even more beautiful because it was decorated for the holidays. Above is a photo from the modern art museum,, what a great quote by an even greater artist. (“Get Yourself In Trouble” – Chuck Close)

DSC_0166(Australians love their coffee. But don’t expect an American sized serving, they drink their coffee in small doses)

DSC_0168(Each shop had this decal in the window, I LOVED it! So perfect for Christmas)

DSC_0173(See what I mean? What a view!)

DSC_0176(And in the other direction, the Opera House at sunset)

DSC_0180(This was taken in mid November, they get geared up early)

The Rocks is great because it is centrally located. Not far from downtown and really close to the harbour, it’s an awesome place to explore. My only regret was getting there after most of the shops had closed but that just meant we needed to grab a bite while admiring the sunset. Not a bad evening at all.

Sydney Opera House.

DSC_0330One of the places I was most looking forward to visiting on my trip was the Sydney Opera House. It’s such a unique building nestled on the water, providing gorgeous reflections at day and night. There are some places that are only fun to look at in pictures but the Opera House is even cooler in person. It is huge and magnificent!

DSC_0317(We walked up on a hot sunny day, I wish you could see the small details on the roof a bit better!)

DSC_0318(Inside the Opera House: “The sun did not know how beautiful its light was, until it was reflected off this building.”)

DSC_0327(We sat at a cafe outside of the Opera House and watched the seagulls attack people eating french fries)

DSC_0345(The view of the Opera House as we ferried under the Harbor Bridge. Side note, Katy Perry was climbing up the bridge that day!)

It’s nice to reflect on the time spent in this big beautiful city. The people are so friendly and wonderful and having a landmark like this really signifies their strength.

Outfit Re-do: Sleek Skirt

DSC_0288We believe in wearing your favorite piece over and over again because they are just clothes and it is fun to reinvent in outfit in a new way. But sometimes, there is that one skirt that just looks best with a basic tank and this is that skirt for me. You have seen it before here but I chose to wear it again on a crazy warm day in Sydney (think 95 degrees)! We were walking through the Botanical Gardens to the Opera House, this was a great day!

DSC_0290(The view isn’t too bad, is it?)

DSC_0295(This hat went through a lot on this trip, it flew off my head on a boat but was retrieved thankfully because it was my saving grace against the sun)

DSC_0309(A bit washed out but there is the Opera House behind us)

Sydney is such an active city, everyone is running, jogging, or walking around the city. It was a beautiful day and we were so happy to soak in the sites!

From Coogee to Bondi.

DSC_0002Before leaving for Sydney, my Australian friends and travelers told us the one thing we needed to do was the walk from Coogee to Bondi beach. It ended up being one of our best days there!

DSC_0016(Our starting point- Coogee Beach)

DSC_0034(We walked along the coast and saw some beautiful homes as well as these cool mosaic stairs – reminiscent of San Francisco)

DSC_0057(The waves were pretty high that day which was super refreshing as the temperature hit to around 90 degrees!)

DSC_0067(This was a cool find- a very old cemetery along the water)

DSC_0089(I found this oddly cool- a swimming club on the beach. Hmm)

DSC_0091(We made it to the famous Bondi Beach! This area is a lot like San Diego, people running around in bikinis and ice cream for days)

The water was too cold for me to brave but the scenery was spectacular!