I Left My Heart in Venice.

Brittany is off traveling through Europe, she is in Switzerland right now so I will be updating posts with pictures that she is taking along the way! She busted out this awesome t-shirt while she was in Italy!

heart shirt


IMG_9537(Showing Italy some love!)


Sometimes the best parts of a simple piece of clothing are the details that set it apart!


What’s Old, Can Be New Too

IMG_7717I was doing some Spring cleaning and found an old t-shirt that I used to love.  It had shrunk a lot and kind of grunged down so I was ready to toss it when all of the sudden an idea came to me.  Why not re-invent something I already have?  I started snipping and studding and ended up with an awesome new tank top that is now my new favorite!  It was super easy and I did it in less than 15 minutes.  Here’s how.

IMG_7698(This was the original)

IMG_7699(First chop was the new, low neck line)

IMG_7700(I chopped in a rounded “V” to avoid making too low of a cut top)

IMG_7704(Next to chop was the sleeves.  I followed close to the sleeve line in front to make sure there’s no unintentional side boob going on.)

IMG_7707(The back I cut much deeper towards the middle to make more of a racer-back tank.  I also chopped off the back of the neck hem.)

IMG_7709(I bought some studs from the local craft store and started placing them on the tank)

IMG_7711(I used jewelry pliers to begin to press the backs of the studs because they are sharp.  However, you can do this with your fingers as well)

IMG_7712(I positioned them before fastening to make sure they were even.  You can put as many or little as you’d like)

IMG_7713(Push the studs through the material and then bend the backs to fasten the studs on)

IMG_7721(Then try the tank on and make any cutting adjustments from here.  It’s best to start modest and then cut as necessary)

IMG_7718Ta da!  New, old shirt has officially transformed!

1 Shirt, 2 Looks.

My roomie was cleaning out her closet and gave me a shirt that I just love! Lately it has been feeling a bit like Antarctica in San Francisco so this short sleeved tee won’t cut it on it’s own. But that is the beauty of layering, you can essentially have two outfits in one day. I am all about wardrobe changes because I have found that the people (my fans and followers…my co-workers…okay, no one) are always asking me bring in multiple outfits because it just pleases them so. No, that doesn’t happen. I just like to switch it up because I wanna- take a look at how easy it is!

(Here is the shirt in all of it’s glory)

(The collar allows me to spice it up a bit as it peeks through the sweater in the next simple look)

(Voila! Throw a cropped sweater over it and you are instantly super preppy)

Throwing a sweater over anything is pretty easy to do but the key is to have a collar with a print you like because that is going to add the contrast that makes your outfit more interesting and fun.

Infinity Scarf Fail.

We had a few extra shirts lying around that we didn’t know what to do with and Brittany said we could make an infinity scarf out of them so we decided to give it a whirl. The results were astounding.

(First, start with two shirts that you think create a nice color combination)

(Cut straight across right under the collar)

(Waste not! You now have a slutbaggy crop top for the summertime! Nip slips, here we come!)

(Stretch out the portions that were cut so that you create longer pieces)

(Snip the ends and tie them together to create one long “O”)

(Wrap it around your neck twice and now you have a scraggly looking infinity scarf that you would never be caught dead in)

Do it yourself fail #1,254. Don’t do this at home. Just go to the Gap, they have super cute infinity scarves for $30. Spend the money otherwise you end up with a t-shirt wrapped around your head.