Suspender Trending.

Suspender TrendingOne trend I always loved in middle and high school was suspenders. Now that is seems to be trending again, I fell in love with this suspender mini skirt. I paired it with a simple full neck tank, black tights, and my new leopard flats from the Gap. Clutch DIY coming soon!

Suspender TrendingThis simple look is fun and youthful, perfect for the office or weekend!

Most people are out on suspenders but I love them because they are effortless!

Post Coachella Style.

Coachella-1Coachella was amazing this year and I even scored some awesome stuff like this BCBG top that I love!  I’m normally not the type to rock a crop top but BCBG made this one to fit all body types.  Not to mention, I love it in this mint green color.  They also gave me this amazing bracelet which you will see closer up further in the post.  I had the best time “glamping” (glamour+camping in our RV :)) with my friends at Vestal Village.  It’s one of the most amazing places in the world to be.


Coachella-4(Forever21 double breasted shorts)

Coachella-6(BCBG custom bracelet!  My favorite)

Coachella-3(Heart sunnies)


You don’t always have to be at a music festival to rock your music festival fashion come-ups!  Some of my new favorite pieces were from BCBG this year.  I’ll be going to a music festival in the Netherlands in a few weeks and I can’t wait to see the fashion over there.  I’ll keep the blog updated with what I find 🙂

What’s Old, Can Be New Too

IMG_7717I was doing some Spring cleaning and found an old t-shirt that I used to love.  It had shrunk a lot and kind of grunged down so I was ready to toss it when all of the sudden an idea came to me.  Why not re-invent something I already have?  I started snipping and studding and ended up with an awesome new tank top that is now my new favorite!  It was super easy and I did it in less than 15 minutes.  Here’s how.

IMG_7698(This was the original)

IMG_7699(First chop was the new, low neck line)

IMG_7700(I chopped in a rounded “V” to avoid making too low of a cut top)

IMG_7704(Next to chop was the sleeves.  I followed close to the sleeve line in front to make sure there’s no unintentional side boob going on.)

IMG_7707(The back I cut much deeper towards the middle to make more of a racer-back tank.  I also chopped off the back of the neck hem.)

IMG_7709(I bought some studs from the local craft store and started placing them on the tank)

IMG_7711(I used jewelry pliers to begin to press the backs of the studs because they are sharp.  However, you can do this with your fingers as well)

IMG_7712(I positioned them before fastening to make sure they were even.  You can put as many or little as you’d like)

IMG_7713(Push the studs through the material and then bend the backs to fasten the studs on)

IMG_7721(Then try the tank on and make any cutting adjustments from here.  It’s best to start modest and then cut as necessary)

IMG_7718Ta da!  New, old shirt has officially transformed!