Stinson Beach.


OK so our beaches in Northern California might not always be bikini temperature but after our hike through Muir Woods, we were excited to get down to the ocean and chill out a little bit.  Not to mention, the good snacks they have right on the beach.  Sheena got the brown sugar banana ice cream, Arel tried to soft serve, Rob grabbed a coffee, and I went for a hot latte.  They have something for everyone!

I am so elated to have Sheena back!


She’s so light I was running all over the beach with her haha!


We had a thing for piggy back photos I guess!

Views and views and views.


What would a trip to Stinson be without stopping along the infamous Hwy 1 for some fun jumping photos? 🙂

Cabo Activites.

While I was in Cabo recently, we ended up doing a lot of fun activities that I would recommend to anyone.  I thought I’d share them all since people have been asking me what places we booked for the other adventure lovers out there!

1 (3)
We used Eco Tours for an awesome day snorkel trip and also an amazing sunset catamaran cruise (see below).

The sunset cruise!  We liked Eco Tours because they are all open bar with fun music but not too crazy.  We heard a lot about other boats that were a bit more Spring Break style.

Sunset Catamaran views.

Pesos – are they necessary?  Nope!  We got some for safety measures and used them but you can use American dollars pretty much everywhere.  Be weary of the ATM’s!  A few people used them and ended up with some credit card fraud after the fact.

The most popular restaurant in Cabo is most likely The Office.  It’s colorful, festive, and fun!  We came here for dinner and margarita’s where we were front and center by the stage.  They played games with guests, walked around pouring tequila shots, and did dances.

One of the entertainment acts at the Office.

We rented a villa, so for good easy fun we hung out on the patio catching up and making drinks together.  A good resort for this is Villa la Estancia.

We were also on the beach front area where all of the activities were.  We took full advantage of these.  Renting jet skis ran us $40 and was one of my favorite things we did!  We rode up to the famous arches and by lover’s beach.  We also jumped off the skis to swim and just bobbed along in the ocean.  You have to be careful to not cross to the other side of the arches because the tides are dangerous so make sure to listen to the safety tips from the place you rent from.  There are some serious tips to take note of but not to be scared of.

Water taxi’s.  We took these to the harbor and to the day party @ Mango Deck where we spotted reality tv stars and overall was the most interesting people watching.

The sunsets were beyond beautiful along the beach!

The swim up pool bars were over priced but very convenient and the pool felt so nice!

There’s something about a poolside pina colada.

We rented paddle boards and loaded a bunch of us on to the boards.  We tried yoga and just laughed a ton trying to balance with so many people on the boards.

Trying yoga on the paddle boards.

Underwater tea parties.  We were lucky because we could swim in the ocean where we were but some places the tide is too strong so if you love the ocean like us make sure you research where you will be staying and the ocean tides!

We did a snorkel boat ride which was awesome.

On the snorkel catamaran (also ecotours), we saw tons of Humpback whales!  This baby was really putting on a show jumping and twirling around.

2 (6)
We had a blast and really tried a ton of activities!

I’m headed to another exciting bachelorette party this weekend in Santa Barbara so I will make sure to post lots when I get back!  You can follow along on instagram for live postings.

SF Secret Spot.


I love to explore and when I moved to San Francisco, I had an entirely new map to discover.  Anytime I see a place that looks out of the norm for it’s area, like this mound in the middle of a neighborhood, I go check it out.  I couldn’t tell you what this place is called but it was a great place to take a moment and look around.

Winding Up.

Or you can take the stairs.


The bench even has a “B” on it for Brittany.


IMG_8341There she is, that beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.



Many more “Secret Spot” editions to come from San Francisco!

Colors of Europe – Holland, London and Denmark.

IMG_1825I love, love, love bright colors.  They scream happy and artistic to me which says a lot about the people in a certain area.  I saw so many interesting colors that I wanted to share because everyone could use a little extra happy on hump day.  I found most of these places while biking around.  I love beautiful street art whether it comes in painted or architecture form.  It’s all eye candy to me.  (The above was in Amsterdam)

IMG_1824(Tulips EVERYWHERE in Holland <3.  These were wooden souvenirs but I thought they were gorgeous)



IMG_1694(Soft ice in Copenhagen)

IMG_1603(This is one of my favorites from Copenhagen)


IMG_1602(Love, love, loved the colors of Denmark)

I hope these colors added a little happy to your day!