Cycle Touring.

I’ve always wanted to ride a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, so when I realized a handful of my other friends had the same desire we pulled a group together and rented some bikes for a self guided tour of the North Bay.  We rented our bikes from Sports Basement in the Presidio since it’s the closest to the bridge.  You can also rent at Pier 39 if you’d like.

Of course we stopped to take a few photos 🙂  This is the full biker gang.

Girls of the biker gang.

After riding over the bridge, we made our first stop in Sausalito at Bar Bocce for some snacks and an ice cold beer.

Camping out on the water.

Sheena at Bar Bocce!

We made it to stop number 1!

After some rest and snacks, we hopped back on the bikes to head to Tiburon.

The bike paths are beautiful in the north bay!

Just riding through.

We cruised around Tiburon for a while before catching the very windy Ferry back to the city (Pier 39).

The sun was starting to set as we took the ferry back to the city and it was gorgeous.

Riding bikes through the pier was fun to check out the performances.  This guy and all of his sound inventions were awesome!

Riding along the bike path back to Sports Basement was beautiful.  We rented the bikes for the day so we just needed to make sure we returned them before they closed.

The total loop was about 17-20 miles.  There were some little hills and that not so little hill up to get on the bridge but every hill rewarded us with a spectacular view of some kind.

We felt pretty accomplished after our ride so we stopped for a sunset jumping photo :).

This is a great, active and outdoorsy thing to do on a perfect weather day in San Francisco!

Just A Few Angels On An Island


Since the weather has been so beautiful in San Francisco, my friends and I decided to check out Angel Island.  I had never been and my friend, Shannon, had so she knew it was worth the adventure.  You have to take a Ferry there which was actually a lot of fun!  We took the Ferry from Tiburon which is such a beautiful area so we decided to have lunch there first.  After we got to the island, it was beautiful sights for miles.

IMG_7240(Catching the Ferry)

IMG_7241(Lots of sail boats enjoying the sun)




IMG_7250(I loved these little boats)

IMG_7256(The Golden Gate Bridge looked beautiful as always.  Such a different view of it from Angel Island!)


IMG_7262(The Ferry leaving Tiburon)

IMG_7267(Hiking around beautiful Angel Island)

IMG_7273(There are a bunch of different camp sites you can stay at)

IMG_7278(Wish I knew who these people were to give them this photo! So cute)

IMG_7289(A bird and a bridge)



IMG_7299(My other friend Chelsea and Shannon)

IMG_7306(The views are incredible)

IMG_7311(Birds eye view)

IMG_7314(the colors are un-beatable)

IMG_7318(They have these amazing little benches everywhere to have lunch or just enjoy the views)


IMG_7323(I love this photo of them)





I definitely recommend this fun adventure to anyone.  There is a walking loop, a biking loop, and so much more.  They even have a little cafe and place to rent bikes right by where the ferry drops you off.  It was even a great place for families because right where you get off the ferry is a large lawn with picnic tables and plenty of space for kids to play.  We walked a lot of the loop that wraps around the island which was great for exercise, fun, and picture taking.

We hope you have a great weekend, Happy Friday!