Tribal Threads.

IMG_7101I’ve been digging Top Shop’s trends lately and when I saw THIS thick threaded tribal skirt, I knew it was right up my alley.  It’s comfortable and fits like a glove.  Also, since it’s a thicker material I can wear it with a tank top in the summertime and a long sleeve in the winter.  A perfect addition to a capsule closet.



IMG_7106I add my fringe heels here and call it a day.  They are super comfortable as well and go with pretty much everything.

Jailhouse Rock.

Sometimes when I am sitting at my cubicle I wonder how it compares to a jail cell.  Both are dimly lit and kinda cold but maybe a cubicle is better, it’s hard to say. The other day Britt and I came into work both wearing stripes- fitting, huh? I am always reminded of Alcatraz when I see people in stripes so we decided to escape from jail for a little while and snap some photos outside with window bars and brick.

(The trick to looking like you haven’t just escaped from anywhere is walking with swagger. I was feeling a little bit like a badass this afternoon with this new turtleneck on. No one ever suspects a person in a turtleneck of anything but being awesome…I think)

(My “just released from the Clink” look)

(Close up of the buttons going up my neck and would you look at that, it’s 12:15- time for some f@#*ing lunch!)

(Britt is loving her new sweater dress, just in time for Winter- those jail cells can get chilly!)

(Ahhhh, life on the outside, it’s nice!)

(Close up of the studded belt used to accessorize the dress, an inmate has never looked so good)

(A prize scored from a shanking victim. Too far? Fine, she got it at Topshop)

Happy Friday and we hope you get outta your cell, I mean cubicle, quick and make the most of your early release. Come Monday, it is back to the grind!

I’m A Little Bit Country But Mostly Rock & Roll!

While I do have love for horses, it in no way conflicts with my wardrobe and I also share that passion for music and hipster style! Concerts are one of the best forms of entertainment and as Chelsea said in her previous post, anything goes at a rock show.  I love layers and  accessories; my choices for rock wear are a good bold dress and some hot shoes.  Throw in some edgy jewelry and I’m sold, already walking out the door.  Pull it together and get to the show, there’s good tunes awaiting.

(Hat – Forever 21, Dress – topshop NY, shoes – Urban Outfitters, denim shirt – Nordstroms, chain – LITTER jewelry)

(I can’t talk enough about how much I love my LITTER leg chain garter.  The SF based jewelry company has some of the most unique pieces that I love rocking.)

(These Urban Outfitter wedges are hands down one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes that I own.)

(I’ve been loving cross jewelry lately.  This tiny cross bracelet adds a nice feminine touch with an edge.)

Rock shows and music festivals are one of the greatest forms of entertainment.  Throw on some rock attire and get out there to dance the night away.