Breaking Brittany.

imageI was late on the Breaking Bad train so yes, maybe I’m a Breaking Bad bandwagon watcher but it didn’t stop my obsession for such an amazingly written show.  The plot never stopped my mind questioning and wondering, trying to dissect these characters that you want so badly to figure out.  Let’s be honest though, it would be terrible if we could relate to drug dealers, right?  Anyway, my brother, his wife, and their baby live in Albuquerque right now so when my mom and I went to visit, OF COURSE I wanted to see these monumental places that were staple set locations for this incredible series.
Breaking Bad ep 509, shot on 12/7/12 by Ursula Coyote(Remember how Walt and Skylar’s house was destroyed at the end of the series?  Well you can tell from my photo below, it was all just an act of course.)

(See, it’s in one piece.)

(The beloved carwash…)

(It’s HUGE!)

(Inside the carwash is a homage to the Breaking Bad cast)

(Remember this stuff?  Their bread and butter and life destroyer?)

(You can buy some in the sugar candy form from the Candy Lady in downtown Albuquerque!  I snuck this photo of their back room and I loved that they keep the candy in bulk tubs like Walt and Jesse keep the drugs in the show.)

It’s a small place but I found that the candy lady had the best Breaking Bad gifts.  They had t-shirts, the blue “meth,” and lots of other Breaking Bad things!

(Sigh, Hank and Marie’s house…. So many thoughts about Hank but I won’t ruin it for any other late Breaking Bad viewers)

(Found it!)

It was totally worth spending half a day driving around and seeing such important places from Breaking Bad.  I wish I would have seen it all while the show was filming.  If you haven’t gotten into it and like action movies, you would probably enjoy following this story line.  Not because seeing terrible things happen is fun but because you see the transformation of a good person turning bad.  Breaking Bad if you will.

“This Love’s For Gentlemen Only”

photo 1When I heard one of my favorite bands was going to be coming to San Francisco and playing one of the smaller venues in town, I think I stopped breathing for a second.  I knew I needed a ticket some how, some way.  Problem is, the show sold out in 10 seconds!  This show was not to be missed.  Long story short, a very good friend of ours was looking out for my die-hard, Phoenix-loving, heart and found me a ticket to buy last minute.  I will forever be grateful to him for the ticket.  The show ironically fell on April 1st (I thought someone was punk-ing me at first) but this show was no joke.  These parisian musicians played a 90 minute set including new tracks, Wolfgang Amadeus tracks, and even a few tracks from It’s Never Been Like That.  Thomas Mars, the front man, took his time to connect with all concert goers and even walked through the crowd during the end of their set to get up close and personal with the back of the room.  I had my phone to snap a few photos once I could snap out of my mega-crush on these talented guys.

photo 2(Opening with their brand new single “Entertainment,” Mars wasn’t scared to get up close and personal)

photo 5(During the instrumentals for Love Like a Sunset Part I and II, Mars laid on the ground and let the rest of the band carry everyone away with the beautifully trance provoking tunes)

photo 4(For the beginning of the encore, Mars came out with only one guitarist and covered Air’s “Playground Love” while sitting right on the edge of the stage in the crowd.  It was incredible)

photo 3When it all sadly had to come to an end, the entire band joined Mars back on stage only to perform my most cherished Phoenix song… Rome!!!  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  This band has a way of combining sounds and lyrics in such a fun and talented way.  I’m in awe that I was able to see such a phenomenal band, in such an intimate setting.  I’ll be seeing them again in less than two weeks at Coachella, however that time I’ll be joined by 80,000 others.  With major rock star status, I feel so grateful that I was able to get a ticket to this show and gaze at them while they crooned the crowd.

Were any of your there, too?

Solo Yolo

photo 4 (4)

On my last solo lunch before Chelsea returned, I decided I’d hike up the hill to the magnificent Coit Tower – YOLO!  We often hike up there on our lunches because the views are ridiculously beautiful and it’s fun to check out all the amazing homes that are nestled in the hillside along the crooked walking paths.  We’ve been up to Coit Tower many times but had never gone inside the tower and up to the top.  It was a beautiful day when I walked up there, so I thought what the hell.  I’m going to buy the ticket and take the janky, old elevator to the top to see what’s up there.  You have to pay to go and we always thought, what’s the point?  We know of so many great free look outs.  But now I know the point.  And I recommend it to everyone, tourist or not.

photo 5 (2)(Down there is where we usually eat when we are “minion” status)

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (4)(I love arch-ways and looking out over the city)

photo 2 (5)(The windows have clear covered window panes on them so that you can’t throw things out the window at innocent people BUT you can slide things through between the wall and window pane to leave a lucky coin or apparently business cards are hot)

photo 1 (5)(360 degree views if you go to each window)

photo 3 (4)

photo 5 (3)(It’s completely open at the top.  Best sunroof ever)

photo 4 (3)(A lovely view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the base of Coit Tower)

photo 3 (3)(And on the other side of the base of Coit Tower is a magnificent view of downtown, the Bay Bridge, and some fabulous rooftop hang outs)

photo 2 (3)You know this city is incredible.  The more I explore and act like I’m visiting, the more treasures I tend to find.


I will have to say though, I’ve missed my Frover and I’m so happy she’s back.  We are already working on our next blideo and somehow we’ve suckered some key players into the mix.  I.F.F people!  Enjoy your weekend.

Hey Girl, What’s Your Sign?!

New Orleans is filled with unique art, music, and signs! Some are handcrafted and some are just plain funny! It’s weird though, as I was shooting photos I got an eerie sense that I was being followed. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what was happening at the time but as I look back through my pictures- I think Ryan Gosling may have been hot on my trail. He has been trying to call me ever since this post but it couldn’t be him, could it?

(Are my easy deceiving me?! God, he’s a handsome devil)

(I mean you’d empty your pocket book too if your guide looked like this…)