National Park Summer.


This past weekend I made my first trip to Yosemite/Tuolumne Meadows and was in complete awe of the beauty.  I can’t believe it’s taken so long to get there and I can’t wait to get back.  Here are a few photo reasons to go.  Above is a more eastern view of half dome.


Tenaya Lake.


The stunning vista from afar.

More photos to come.  What’s your favorite national park?

San Diego: Balboa Park

Hands down, my favorite place to be in San Diego is Balboa Park. When I had a day to myself I would often drive there and spend the day visiting the museums, watching a free concert, grabbing a sandwich and making a picnic on the lawn near the bocce court. If you haven’t been there, then you haven’t experienced San Diego’s true gem. On a recent weekend trip back I took Nick to the Museum of Man, the Timken Museum, and of course the Botanical Gardens. Here’s a bit of that gorgeous sunny day!

DSC_1834(Mallards  swimming through the koi pond outside of the Botanical Gardens)

DSC_1845(Botanical Gardens)

DSC_1843DSC_1841(Unique orchid)

DSC_1842(Feeling like we were in a jungle)

DSC_1849(A beautiful  iron detail outside of the Timken. I love the 60’s feel)

We had a ton of fun that trip, checking out new sites and even having a front row seat to the fireworks unexpectedly! One place I always need to see when I am there is Balboa Park and if you are lucky enough to be there during Winter, you have to check out December Nights in Balboa Park!

I’m Seein’ Stars.

Griffith ObservatoryLast weekend we took a quick trip to Los Angeles and did all of the artsy touristy things that we love to do. One of my favorite places in the world is the Griffith Observatory. If you’ve never been before, I recommend it. It’s a beautiful place to look at the stars and even the planets! There is a ton of light pollution in Los Angeles but that is no matter because they have heavy duty telescopes that we got to look through!

Griffith Observatory(The magnificent Dome)

Griffith Observatory(The City of Angels)

Griffith Observatory

What a magnificent place with wonderful friends, we can’t wait to go back!

Solo Yolo

photo 4 (4)

On my last solo lunch before Chelsea returned, I decided I’d hike up the hill to the magnificent Coit Tower – YOLO!  We often hike up there on our lunches because the views are ridiculously beautiful and it’s fun to check out all the amazing homes that are nestled in the hillside along the crooked walking paths.  We’ve been up to Coit Tower many times but had never gone inside the tower and up to the top.  It was a beautiful day when I walked up there, so I thought what the hell.  I’m going to buy the ticket and take the janky, old elevator to the top to see what’s up there.  You have to pay to go and we always thought, what’s the point?  We know of so many great free look outs.  But now I know the point.  And I recommend it to everyone, tourist or not.

photo 5 (2)(Down there is where we usually eat when we are “minion” status)

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (4)(I love arch-ways and looking out over the city)

photo 2 (5)(The windows have clear covered window panes on them so that you can’t throw things out the window at innocent people BUT you can slide things through between the wall and window pane to leave a lucky coin or apparently business cards are hot)

photo 1 (5)(360 degree views if you go to each window)

photo 3 (4)

photo 5 (3)(It’s completely open at the top.  Best sunroof ever)

photo 4 (3)(A lovely view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the base of Coit Tower)

photo 3 (3)(And on the other side of the base of Coit Tower is a magnificent view of downtown, the Bay Bridge, and some fabulous rooftop hang outs)

photo 2 (3)You know this city is incredible.  The more I explore and act like I’m visiting, the more treasures I tend to find.


I will have to say though, I’ve missed my Frover and I’m so happy she’s back.  We are already working on our next blideo and somehow we’ve suckered some key players into the mix.  I.F.F people!  Enjoy your weekend.

Take me to the ‘Mo!

Last month my entire family went out to Texas to see my brother graduate from pilot school.  This took place in a very southern point in Texas but we flew out of San Antonio when heading home.  On our last day, my mom and I decided to explore the town and take photos of what we found.  It was a great adventure and goes to show Texas has some gems.  (The above was taken outside of the Alamo)

IMG_4774(Finding our way around the Alamo)

IMG_4811(This guy wasn’t messing around.  Total babe.)





IMG_4798(My mom and I)

IMG_4805(The gardens)



IMG_4794(So beautiful)



IMG_4825(After wondering around the Alamo, we proceeded through the downtown streets and Riverwalk of San Antonio)

IMG_4852(I love interesting lights and architecture)

IMG_4853(The Riverwalk is a big touristy area to explore)

IMG_4848(I loved this huge ivy wall)



IMG_4835(Goofing around at the wax museums morphing mirrors)

IMG_4836(My kind of wind chime)


IMG_4828(A Texas trolley!)



IMG_4839(Gearing up for a Texas Christmas)

Texas was a great time and I’m so proud of my brother.  Contrary to popular belief there aren’t saloons with horse tie up posts everywhere.  And no, cowboys aren’t running for cover from miscellaneous bullets that are straying from various shoot outs.  It’s just a place to go check out some history and enjoy a different city’s character.