Flea Market Finds.

We love perusing new and old finds to pick up pieces for the home or even presents for others!  With Valentine’s Day coming up, the flea market is the perfect place to find a project to put together for your loved one.

I absolutely love the idea of empty colorful frames.

Fun trays and glasses, maybe you can even make your loved one breakfast in bed!

Or even just find a reason to be outside!

You may even do some puppy spotting!

Maker Feature.

Timber GardensThe Treasure Island Flea Market is full of all kinds of creations but one that Brittany and I both loved were these succulent planters handmade by a husband and wife duo called Timber Gardens. They had all kinds of shapes and sizes and each one came with a tiny handmade “bird house” made out of an acorn!

Timber Gardens(Just in time for Valentine’s Day!)

Timber Gardens(Deciding which one we liked best)

Timber Gardens(Brittany chose one circular shape that would fit perfectly in her new apartment)

Timber Gardens

What a friendly pair with such unique items, they would make perfect gifts because they are unexpected.

Magical Mystery Bus.

Treasure Island FleaOne of our favorite vendors at the Treasure Island Flea Market was this teal blue school bus filled to the brim with second hand clothes. I am pretty sure it was manned by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros which was pretty cool too! There were so many things to choose from and it was just a lot of fun walking around and picking through all of the clothing.

Treasure Island Flea Market(A closer look at the bus drivers)

Treasure Island Flea(I thought this denim jacket had potential, maybe a new DIY project?)

Treasure Island Flea(Brittany fell in love with this sparkling jacket)

Treasure Island Flea(Take a good look at everything before you decide, make sure that you will actually wear it before you pull the trigger and purchase it)

Treasure Island Flea(A space for everything)

Treasure Island Flea(Inside the bus, we dived even deeper)

Treasure Island Flea(I think our photographer was getting a little antsy!)

Overall, it was one of the most creative setups that we saw at the Flea Market! We’ll check it out next time and see if we can score any good finds!


Pizza, Pizza!

This past weekend, Brittany and I checked out the infamous Treasure Island Flea Market for the very first time ever! I think of flea markets like a treasure hunt, you have to run around and dig for that rare jewel. It’s so much fun and it was the most perfect day filled with sun, goodies, and pizza! I don’t eat pizza that often but I love it when I do! Brittany and I found the cutest traveling wood fired pizza truck that I would say is as good if not better than any thin crust pizza I have had in North Beach!

Paul's Rustic Oven(Hmm, which one should we choose?)

Paul's Rustic Oven(Don’t get too close, this oven gets HOT!)

Paul's Rustic Oven(If only I could take this on my camping trips)

Paul's Rustic Oven(Personal pepperoni pizza, yes please!)

Paul's Rustic OvenIt was the perfect pause to a day of gem hunting!

Oh the Treasures you can find on the Island by the City

Treasure Island really is a beautiful place with amazing views of the San Francisco skyline that we love so much.  I was offered the chance to shoot some photos and video at the annual Treasure Island Music Festival for B-Sides TV on Sunday (it’s a two day event).  There were so many bands that really surprised me with beautiful sounds and peaceful performances which made for a nice Sunday.  It’s always nice getting to shoot photos at a day festival because the lighting is great and everyone is in good spirits.

(Not only was there great music but also beautiful art displays)

(These larger than life mirrored eggs were awesome!)

(One of my personal favorites of the day)

(I loved her style.  This band is a brother/sister duo that had the entire crowd moving)

(With alternating stages, no act played at the same time as another and things transitioned really well back and forth)

(Ty Segall has an awesome hair flip)

(Joanna Newsom was definitely a crowd favorite.  She slowed things down with her harp and piano)

(The crowd really started to build up)

(This was a cute vendor)

(Los Campesinos! had a large following of fans and a large amount of band members!)

(The views never disappointed)

(You can see one of the two main the stages to the right and the infamous Ferris Wheel)

(This was my first festival Ferris Wheel and we couldn’t have picked a better time with the sun dropping behind the city.  It was beautiful)

(The Golden Gate Bridge was glowing)

(An overhead Ferris Wheel shot of the two main stages)

(That beautiful San Francisco skyline)

(M83 were amazing as always.  They are so wonderful live, I recommend them to everyone)

(They were so grateful to be playing the Treasure Island music festival and they gave us an amazing show)

(Gossip was the second to last act and this girl has got a voice.)

(Closing out the entire festival was the XX.  I didn’t know how I would like them but they sounded phenomenal.  Really, really great sounding)

This is an annual festival that happens on Treasure Island which I love because it’s smaller than Coachella and the stages are easily accessible.  Also, you can buy separate day passes so you don’t have to attend all weekend if you don’t want to.  It’s a great festival to bring your friends to and just enjoy the music while soaking in the beautiful city scape.

SF, Your Indian Summer is Truly the Best!

Over the weekend, there was a Bonfire Session held on Treasure Island including two of my favorite bands (Geographer and the Dodos).  When someone forwarded me the event, I had my hoodie packed and was ready to go!  I grabbed some close friends and we headed out for an evening of free food, beer, music, and a priceless backdrop.  It became a perfect Sunday evening because it was warm and crystal clear out- the city skyline was beaming from the Island. I managed to snap a few photos in between my s’more scarfing; you can’t just have one! Take a look, I think the pictures do better justice than I ever could with words!

(When we first got to Treasure Island the view was so stunning we stopped to snap some photos.  Here is Em snapping some shots of the beautiful city)


(First to play was White Fence.  The back drop and stage couldn’t have been more beautiful)

 (My personal favorite, Geographer was amazing as always)

(More Geographer)

(The sunset while Geographer played was gorgeous)

(Perfect sundown)

 (Up next was Father John Misty.  He was hilarious in between songs, who knew?)

(Finishing the night was the Dodos.  I love their music so the four musicians were the more than perfect serenade to my Sunday)

(I LOVE these lights.  They were strung all throughout the bonfire grounds.)

(There really was a bonfire that everyone huddled around and made s’mores)

(San Francisco and the Bay Bridge sparkled throughout the night. It was simply amazing)