Devil’s Bridge (Ponte del Diavolo)

Devils Bridge 1

A little town in Tuscany called Borgo a Mozzano (over the Serchio River) has one of the world’s most famous “Devil’s Bridge’s”. The legend goes like this:

Devil's Bridge 2

(Sometime in the Middle Ages, a builder set to construct a new bridge over the Serchio River. But he he had trouble constructing something so narrow)

Devil's Bridge 3(He worried that he would not be able to construct the bridge on his own so he made a deal with the Devil. He promised him the first soul to cross the bridge once it was constructed)

Devil's Bridge 4

(The bridge was completed without any problems. But the builder sent a dog over the bridge first, before any people, thus giving the Devil a dog’s soul)

Devil's Bridge 5(Now we can all cross and enjoy this unique bridge!)

Brittany has some great photos that I am sure she will share soon too!

Vacation Swimming.

There’s something special about a swimming pool when you are on vacation, it’s the ultimate way to refresh yourself. But when you’re on vacation you can’t just swim all willy-nilly, you have to look and feel your best! That’s why waterproof sunscreen and mascara are a must but what about your hair? I figured out the best way to pull it back and keeping it looked polished even when you’re in the water.

Tuscany(Waterproof sunscreen and mascara, and a lot of red lipstick)

Tuscany(Take the front of your hair and twist it as tight as you can. It will start to create some volume that way and you can secure it easily with bobby pins)

Tuscany(It doesn’t hurt if you have a Tuscan Italian village to stare down at)


Tuscany(My makeup is keeping it together after being in the water for some time)

Tuscany(Smooth back your stray hairs once you get out from under the water)


Ok, so this isn’t the normal kind of swimming but it’s still important to make sure you slather on sunscreen and make sure your mascara doesn’t run all over your face and make you look like a raccoon! What are you waiting for? Get out there and start enjoying your Summer!