Fall Resort Wear!


I got these really fun, light pants so I could have a great pair of summer pants that were comfortable to travel around in.  As we are now in Fall, I’m pleasantly surprised how easily I could transform them into a work or night outfit.  They are thin and easy to match up with simple heels or sandals.

I also call them my MC Hammer pants because there is no denying the resemblance.

I also added my pop of neon to this low swoopy backed cotton tank.

Who says when the cool starts to roll in you have to abide by all the rules?  Have a great weekend!

Wedding Wear: Part 2

IMG_3313Doesn’t it seem like the season where you are going to wedding’s practically every other weekend?  I absolutely love weddings but the hardest part is knowing what to wear so you can be comfortable, classy, and cute.  I went for a longer sleeve and shorter hem with a chevron pattern.  This way you can mix and match with your friends and each give different options to wear.

IMG_3316(I also matched this adorable small yellow purse with the dark blue)

IMG_3317(Recognize the earrings?  Chelsea and I showed how you can use them with two different looks)

Weddings can be so much fun, especially when you dress comfortable enough to be able to eat, drink, and dance the night away!