Barn Daze.


Since we have finally received some rain, it’s so nice to see the hills so green!  I put Maz in this plush, beautiful and green pasture to play with his brother Phillip (the white horse in the photos).  They were having a great time so I brought my camera and snapped some pics of them.  As much as I love winter, there’s nothing like a sunny barn day to relax and hang out.



Maz was really loving running around!

After they’d run around for a while, they’d stop and pluck some grass.

Then I let them join their other horse friend, Joia, and the birds came swooping in.  I wish there was such a thing as a professional horse photographer, I’d be all over that 🙂

Little Red Riding Hood.


My grandma gave me this great red shawl a few years ago and I just love it.  There’s nothing more cozy than a good sweater, beanie, and some boots.  Not to mention, this bright color really livens up the winter.

I love the cozy turtle neck on the shawl.




Nothing like being comfy when the temps drop!

Coastal Winter Myth.


Before I lived in San Francisco, I heard so many myths people tell about the city and believed them because I didn’t know myself.  Now that I live here, it’s funny how different I see a lot of these “urban myths” if you will.  One of the biggest myths is how freezing it is in the winter especially at the ocean.  I love spending time at Ocean Beach so I just prepared to bundle up during the winter.  However, it’s actually much less windy in the winter.  Not sure why that is but it can actually be incredible weather in the winter.  Last year I posted about one of the most perfect winter weather nights at Ocean Beach here.  Now that I know it wasn’t just a one time thing, I thought I’d share the secret : ).

Sunset is one of the busiest times at the beach but there’s no question why.  It’s incredible to watch the surfers at sunset as the sun slowly slides down the horizon.

A good friend recently cleared her closet and handed down a ton of her amazing past pieces to me.  One of them included this awesome floor length Ralph Lauren open back dress.

I love shooting photos.  I’ll zoom in from afar and shoot photos of the water.  Last year we saw tons of whales and dolphins so you just never know what you will see!

A surfer’s sunset.


Even though it’s warm, bring something to keep covered as the sun continues to disappear.  It does get a tad cold.

After the full moon came up and the sun went down, we headed home.  You have to look all around while at the beach because the views are stunning all the way around!

Snow Update.


If you love skiing or snowboarding like me, you love the winter time living near ski areas.  I like to get up to Tahoe as much as I can no matter what the season but I’m happy winter is here.  There isn’t much snow up there but most of the resorts have opened so it was nice to get back on my board with some friends.

Squaw on Saturday.

At certain points it was very hard to see with the low lying clouds.

Being silly with Brie, my favorite snowboarder babe.

The sunset was a beautiful one.  Normally, this area would be covered in snow.  We still need a good storm to come through and cover everything.

It’s so weird to not see everything covered in snow by December!  Here’s the Truckee River.

Shirley, Gold Coast, and Siberia were the main chairlifts open at Squaw this weekend.  The mountain run is not open yet and needs a lot more snow but it’s still worth it to get back on the snow!

Outdoor Outing.

imageThis weather has been too good to not take advantage of and we have another beautiful weekend coming up!  Last weekend we headed out to Mt. Tam and Stinson Beach for a full day of sun and beautiful surroundings.  What else can you ask for?!  I definitely recommend it for any fellow bay area friends.

image(Views for days)






Don’t miss out on taking advantage of one of the most beautiful areas in the country when the weather is nice.  We all know the fog is just around the corner 🙂

Freaky Friday.

IMG_3901OK, it’s not actually freaky but thank god it’s Friday.  It was supposed to be a short week, how did it seem so long?  Anyway, Chels and I went up to Marin on Sunday to have dinner with her family.  We had such a good time!  I snapped a few photos on our way North because the weather was just too perfect.






IMG_3906Happy Friday!

Sweater Weather

OK, more like heavy jacket weather but I’ve been listening to the song “sweater weather” by Neighbourhood a lot lately so I thought it was fitting.  Have you heard that song??  It’s such a jam.  I was up in my old stomping grounds this past weekend and it was one of the coldest but most beautiful weekends up in North Lake Tahoe.  Despite the cold, I was outside all weekend soaking in one of the most beautiful scenery’s in the world.  When I could muster up enough warmth to take my hands out of my mittens, this is what I was surrounded by.

IMG_6687(Emily and Matt are always kind enough to take me out on their snowmobiles and one of our favorite spots to go to is Watson Peak.  Can you beat this view?!)

IMG_6698(Emily is so awesome.  She’s so tiny but can rip a sled around better than most boys I know)

IMG_6711(Getting artsy)




IMG_6688(Taking a break and taking in the view)



IMG_6735(Then the sun started setting.  These colors never become dull to me.  Sunsets are incredible in Tahoe)





IMG_6741(The next day, I woke up to go snowboarding and as I was walking out the door I saw this amazing light shining through the icicles on the front deck)



I headed to Squaw Valley for the day which was a stifling -9 degrees in the morning.  However, I was bundled and prepared and no amount of cold weather could have stopped me from enjoying one of my most favorite hobbies.  I got to snowboard with some close friends and explore the mountain.  With blue skies everywhere, it’s hard not to feel so lucky to have such a beautiful place only a 3 hours drive away.