DIY Wedding Table Numbers

2015-11-14 08.17.50This weekend a couple of friends and I made these awesome table numbers for my wedding. We cooked up this idea as we were shopping at Michaels! What you’ll need:

  • Open wooden boxes
  • Wooden numbers
  • Rose gold pray paint
  • Rose gold glitter
  • craft glue
  • hot glue
  • fake flowers, moss, etc

2015-11-14 04.37.26(Spray the boxes and let them dry)

2015-11-14 04.42.59(You could choose any color but I love rose gold so we went in that direction)

2015-11-14 04.43.08(Spray the numbers – both sides)

2015-11-14 06.57.25(Once dry, apply craft glue to the numbers)

2015-11-14 06.57.47(Dip in glitter immediately)

2015-11-14 06.57.50(Don’t you love that sparkle?)

2015-11-14 07.10.23(Warning: You will be covered in glitter)

2015-11-14 08.06.11(Get your supplies in order)

2015-11-14 08.17.41(Hot glue the glittered number to the inside of the box)

2015-11-14 08.17.37(Begin to decorate)

2015-11-14 08.17.32(This is the fun part!)

2015-11-14 08.36.04(Use the hot glue to set things in place)

2015-11-14 08.36.22(Get creative with how you present them- we will use books)

There you have it! They take a while but they really shimmer! I’m very happy with how they turned out and can’t wait to use them soon!