Winter is Coming!


I know it just turned into Fall but with the Fall weather has come a Winter reminder.  The weather seems to flop around a lot in the Fall so I love to bundle up on the cold mornings.  This north face jacket was a random purchase over the summer after my good friend, Brie, told me how this was one of her most useful purchases.  Now that I have one, I completely agree.  I wear it all the time!




What do you like to bundle up in?!

Little Red Riding Hood.


My grandma gave me this great red shawl a few years ago and I just love it.  There’s nothing more cozy than a good sweater, beanie, and some boots.  Not to mention, this bright color really livens up the winter.

I love the cozy turtle neck on the shawl.




Nothing like being comfy when the temps drop!


Sometimes, it’s nice to jump on with no saddle and no worries.  It’s not very practical to train bareback but I do love a ride every now and then sans saddle.  My friends recently got me this awesome duster sweater that I just love.  It’s a great sweater I can wear casually, riding, or even dress it up.

Taking an evening ride.


Galloping bareback up the hill.

A winter storm is coming in but very much welcome with the drought we are in.

In a week full of thanks, I’m thankful for horses among many other things.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Magenta Midi.


I’ve grown quite fond of the 50’s mixed with new age style skirts that have started to make an appearance in the fashion world.  They are classic, stylish, and a nice way to change up your wardrobe.  I recently spent some time at Banana Republic trying to update my work wear and this was one of my new finds.  Of course I ended up with slacks and blouses as well but this skirt was an additional great find.  They are having a huge sale right now so if you are looking for some new work wear, I’d suggest hitting up Banana.

I paired the skirt with a low backed, short sleeved body suit.  For colder weather, I will add a cardigan to complete the 50’s spin.

Throw on some simple black sandals/heels and call it a day!

Sunshine Sheer.

Sunshine SheerI picked up this simple dress at H&M with a great sheer bottom detail. Lately it has been 70+ degrees in San Francisco so I have actually been able to wear it is January. I put on this floppy hat to shield my face from the sun, I can’t believe I am saying that about Winter in San Francisco!

Sunshine Sheer(Take this dress into the light and you will see how sheer it is)

Sunshine Sheer

Sunshine SheerI love that this is an easy way for me to wear a minidress without feeling too exposed!

Bundle Up Butter Cup.

IMG_5234It’s official, the cold weather has rolled in.  I have such a hard time staying bundle and making sure people know I’ve actually changed my clothes since I have a hard time shedding my jacket that I wear on the daily.  Here are some good sweaters and layering ideas to keep you warm!


(I layer flannels and sweaters so when the sleeves and/or collar pop out, there’s cute detailing)


(I also love adding a beanie.  The majority of heat your body generates is from your head so keep those noggins warm!)

Cable Knit Lux

I love love love cable knit! The chunky sweater pattern is my absolute favorite for winter and I have been wearing it ever since the temperature started dipping. I know most people think cable knit can be frumpy but I think it is a lot of fun if updated with a little flare!

Cable Knit(One of my favorite sweaters purchased a few years ago at Anthropologie)

Cable Knit(Add in a chunky necklace to add a little color)

Cable Knit(Chunky infinity scarf warms up the simplest outfits)

Cable Knit(Love my new sweater from Anthropologie, look at those sleeves)

Cable KnitStay warm and fashionable this winter with my favorite, cable knit!

Walk it Out.


Winter pumps are great for dinner dates, nights on the town, and just feeling extra sassy.  I’m normally a jeans and t-shirt type girl but now that I have a few pairs of pumps to spice up the jeans and t-shirts, why not rock them before the weather turns?!



(My favorites!)

(These caged heels are the best with a simple outfit)

(Complete with some gold crosses in the back)

All of these heels are from Charlotte Russe.  They have so many great shoes right now, it’s time to come sassy to this year’s holiday parties.

Last Drops of Fall.

Last Drops of FallRecently my friend Lindsay got me this flowered peplum top and it feels like it’s the last time I will be able to wear it for a while so I thought I would share it with you!

Last Drops of Fall(Top by W118 by Walter Baker, Jeans by Levi’s) love the cutout and the zipper detailed back)

Last drops of fall

Enjoy the last bits of Fall and maybe I will find a fun floral sweater to share next time!