Floral Lulu.

I had a friend tell me for a long time how much she loved the brand LuLu Lemon and I have to admit, I always thought it was an overpriced and over talked about brand.  However, this was because I had never even tried a pair on my own.  I finally realized that the regular wonder under pant in black was a practical purchase because not only could I work out in them but I could also wear them as warm leggings.  This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  Since the first pair, I’ve only added one pair of shorts, two sports bras, and now these awesome blue floral running pants that I got on clearance.

I guess you can say I’m drawn to bright colors : ).

I like that the pattern is feminine without being too bold.

I love yoga, climbing, and recently got into cycling so it’s nice to add a good pair of workout pants that were made for a higher intensity.

Winter Walks

IMG_6774Since it hasn’t been too rainy, I’ve been trying to enjoy the outdoors on the weekends.  The trick to this is layering your clothing because naturally you will get warm from a hike but it’s not worth sucking up the cold at the beginning in just a long sleeve shirt.  Adding a warm beanie or ear covering fleece headband can help too.  I hit some East Bay trails this past weekend with my mom and we really enjoyed the colors and paths that the hiking trails had to offer.  The same trails can look different throughout all the seasons.

IMG_6799Blue skies




IMG_6775We had to go through a farm gate or two because some areas cows were roaming freely.




IMG_6796Mt. Diablo







It’s always nice to get exercise with fresh air.  I’d prefer working out outdoors over a gym any day.  I can’t wait for the nights when it’s light out longer and I can enjoy being outdoors after work.  There are a TON of trail heads throughout the bay area that are worthy of checking out.  You never know, there could be one right in your back yard!